I want you. (LOL)

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The weather is the big story here in Denver this weekend. Thursday, it started out raining for most of the night, then it turned to snow and piled up about 8 inches--maybe 10--then it started raining again for most of today. Can you say "slush"?! I really can't complain--some places in the mountains got 52"--well over 4 ft of the white stuff!!!

Talk about your heavy, wet snow. Instead of flakes, it came down in globs, as you can hopefully see in the pix.
You may remember my "happy place" from my garden photos--a little different right now! Check out the tulips in the snow and the green, green grass peeping through the footprints today after the rain had been coming down for awhile, melting the snow...
tulips in snow 2.jpg spring snow on happy placesm.jpg Globs of snow pine tree.jpg

green footprints in snow.jpg While I'm in photo-mode, here is one of some cut daffodils we had recently.
I always love a little Spring in the house. I'm really, really, REALLY ready for sunshine and warmth and garden time. It's supposed to be 76 on Wednesday here. Come on, 76!

I really got a good laugh today. I was on my YouTube account, getting a link to my Techniques for Boosting Your Vibrational Frequency video, when I happened  notice a few of the many comments on the video, pretty much all of which were complimentary and appreciative. The one that cracked me up so read thusly: "I am really turned on by you! I want you! (lol)"

The "LOL", of course, was the funny part. I guess that's as close as a chubby, bi-focal-wearing 55-year-old is going to get! LOL!!!

happy daffies sm.jpg

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Michelle S. said:

Hi Julia,
Your photos are terrific! You framed a gorgeous shot in the garden..well done! And the daffodils..how could anyone look at that and NOT feel their vibration leap upwards!

I remember a snow that came down in clumps like that one time. It was when I was about nine, living in High Point. A radio announcer mentioned that it was coming down in "ready-made snowballs" LOL!

We've just had 6.5 inches of rain in 2 days here. Yesterday, our street went hip-deep under water. No water up in the house (this time), thank Goodness. It got nerve-wracking to watch the water climbing higher and higher towards the house. I did get a real hoot out of watching two different guys go down our street in kayaks!

Funny how we take comments like the YouTuber's when we get to this age... when I run into things like that, I have a difficult time deciding whether to laugh, roll my eyes, or take the "compliment" at face value and mentally preen for a moment! LOL LOL

Best wishes for warm, sunny days soon,

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