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I am loving Twitter, and making such cool connections in the time I'm spending networking there. At the same time, I'm mildly wondering how best to manage my time so that I don't end up twittering my time away! I'm not too worried as I think that will self-regulate as I get more used to it and naturally integrate it. But it is seductive to check in constantly so as not to miss anything!

One of the connections I've made has to do with quotes. Yes, quotes--the topic that got dicey last week for me. One thing I love to do on Twitter is to "retweet" the things others tweet if they strike me as relevant, funny, important, helpful, or otherwise interesting. I'm not at all unique in that--it's part of Twitter culture. I seem to retweet lots of quotes, and pour some of my own into the stream as well.

So, a fellow twitterer named Rick Itzkowich commented "I notice you like quotes, Julia," and then suggested I'd like his daily "Quote Actions" mailing. After signing up for it, I suggested he read my "Quotes" blog entry to see how right on he was in his assessment of my interest in quotes! Not but a few minutes later, he replied and said if I'd pick out some of my quotes and write an action to go along with each of them, he'd use them! How's that for the Universe delivering my desire?! Pretty cool, I thought. So I've sent him a few, and I'll share them with you at some point.

Another cool thing that happened is that Dr. Annette Colby, someone I am following and who is following me on Twitter, sent me a lovely message to say she was so happy we'd connected on Twitter because she'd been a fan of mine for years, and added some other very, very kind and complimentary remarks, including calling me an angel. (My reply: "It takes one to know one.") From reading her Twitter profile, I could tell our work was quite similar, so I visited her blog and it is lovely. I think you'll love it--go check it out!

And did I tell you I'll be on Live Your Purpose Radio with Michelle Vandepas on April 28? I am! I connected with her via Twitter, too!

One more little tidbit--this, of a personal nature. Today, my 88-year-old dad called. I saw from caller ID that he was on his cell phone. When I answered, he said, "Hi, J" (He has called me "J" for as long as I can recall). Then he said, "I'm at the airport and I need you to pick me up." My heart stopped! As you may or may not recall, on his last plane trip by himself, he fell and broke his arm and ended up in the hospital and then rehab for many weeks--a nightmare. And then, of course, he said, "April Fools!" He got me good, something he has been wanting to do for 40 years, ever since I played a great trick on him during my teen years. I'll share that with you some other day...

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bonni said:

Regarding Twitter, I recommend you look into a nifty free program called Digsby. It runs in the system tray and you can keep tabs on Twitter (or send tweets), Facebook, MySpace, probably a couple other social networking sites, AND you can use it to chat via all the popular IM services (I'm a Google Talk girl, personally). You can set it up to notify you of new tweets or not (I don't have it do that because it's distracting, but I check now and then to see what's going on with people). It's very handy. :)

PM Russell said:

There are many Twitter apps, like TweetDeck, etc. that will organize for you. Regardless, Twitter will take up much of your time initially, however, in time, you will find things balancing out. Like anything new, it takes dedication to get it all set up the way you want it. Then, sit back and enjoy the ride.

Julia said:

Bonnie--I'll look into Digsby--thanks!

Patricia--I've been using Tweetdeck and I LOVE it.

I do think it's just a matter of getting used to it all. As an extrovert working alone all day, the people energy of Twitter is sooooooo seductive. I'm glad I didn't really get going there until the manuscript was done!

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