Who says I can't have that? And why would I listen to him?

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Just now, as I am sitting here at my desk, I was thinking of something I wish I had. Immediately, that feeling you have when you are in victim-mode--that feeling you have when somewhere within you, you believe that someone is keeping something from you; that something you want, you can't have--came over me. I heard my inner pitiful voice say, "I don't understand why I can't have that."

Contemplating this, I suddenly had an epiphany. This is it:

Bemoaning what you haven't got is your fearful ego's way of making sure you never get it!

In that instant, I realized once again, how dang crafty the DWD (Difficult World Dictator / fearful ego) really is. You have a thought about something you'd love to have that would be expansive (OR expensive!), and in order to keep you in the pain of Difficult World, the DWD jumps in with thoughts like "I don't understand why I don't have that." And even more potently, shuts the "Love gate" within which diminishes the Flow of Love through you, drops your vibration, and causes that sad feeling in the pit of your stomach.

Who says I can't have that? And why would I listen to him?

Here's the thing: Everything you could ever want or need is already yours in Easy World. You just have to be there to get it. When you identify a desire and your heart sinks and the "can't have" voice starts up, it's just the DWD doing what it can to keep you out of Easy World and away from your fulfillment. It knows that when you're in EW and fulfilled and empowered, it can't feed off your disappointment, sadness, resentment, etc.

I've got your number, DWD. You can't control me anymore!

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Michelle S. said:

Wow, Julia, this is so right on! Thank you so much for sharing such a fantastic insight -- this really resonates with me! Aren't epiphanies like this just wonderful? Many thanks for adding to the depth and richness of my evening; you're a gem!
Wishing you Ease and Peace,

Francesca said:

Yes, I can really, really, really connect with this right now too! Thank you for making it so clear. I am literally going to print out this post and use it as a constant reminder for myself. Thank you Julia! xo

Julia said:

Happy to hear that I managed to express this clearly enough for you ladies to get it! I wasn't sure...

I'm writing a followup which I will post SOON!

Thanks for letting me know--I love hearing from you!



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