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"Love is intelligence; it contains information. The more Love flowing thru you, the more Divine Information you access."

I tweeted this on Twitter last night, and as of this writing, it has been "re-tweeted" (passed along by others to their own followers) 30 times. [UPDATE: 41 times] What's interesting is that I've tweeted that before, and it has maybe been retweeted a couple of times. But for some reason, it really struck a chord last night and today. It's like suddenly, critical mass was reached so that it could connect with more people. Perhaps we've traveled just that much farther into the photon belt--or whatever it is that is accelerating consciousness--so that people could truly comprehend its meaning.

I remember the sense I had the first time that concept struck me. It was like something in me jumped to a higher level and that was what was there as my prize. So I understand that its not something someone would fully grok till they were ready. How thrilling to see humanity's vibration rising and consciousness expanding!

(If you haven't read " Consciousness and Vibrational Frequency: A Primer," you might find it illuminating of this phenomenon.)

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