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Today has been one of those days when I've let the Difficult World Dictator put me in overwhelm with the old "there's way too much to do and not enough time to do it" song and dance. The hundreds of tasks on my book marketing to-do list have been swirling in my mind, among other things. I've felt a paralysis of will, and haven't gotten much done.

Basically, it's a genius strategy for sucking one into DW because not much feels as frustratingly low vibe and hopeless as the sense that you're drowning in a pool of stuff you "should" do with no possible way to get it all done right away. On top of that, these bogus thoughts paralyze you so that you can hardly do anything from the big pile you're facing. Yes--a completely effective strategy if your job is to keep you stranded in Difficult World as is the job of the DWD. (Know that shoulds are pure Difficult World Dictator. There are no shoulds in Easy World!)

But the truth is that there is only one thing to do in any moment--or, at least, one thing to focus on--that is aligned with the Design for Harmony. And because being aligned with the Design is the only way to assure what you're doing is of optimal value to yourself and to the Whole, you definitely want whatever you do to be in alignment. How do you know what it is? How do you know what is in alignment when there is so much calling your name?

The Easy World "Ordinance For Action" is the go-to resource here. It assures that your actions will have maximum value and will lead to the next harmonious, aligned step. It is this:  Act only when inspired and energized.

It's a challenge, indeed, to be inspired and energized when you're tuned into the DWD's litany of shoulds, doing all it can to freak you out about all the stuff that's not getting done. When you find yourself in this situation as I did shortly before writing this, simply take a mental step back and move into Easy World. Recognize what's going on, and remember that letting your fearful ego run your program is always, always, always a recipe for being in Difficult World, realm of pain, suffering, and wasted energy.

Then, simply ask yourself "What do I feel like doing? What would I enjoy doing right now?" "What do I have energy for right now?" (That's the measure for "inspired" and "energized" which are signs of being ensconced in the Design for Harmony.) And then DO that, whether it's on your list or not! Because checking something off the list of stuff to do will feel really great, you may well find one of your tasks seeming desirable in response to the question. But not always.

Sometimes, you'll hear "A nap is the thing that would feel the best right now." Honor that! You may just need that time in Easy World with your logical mind disengaged to disentangle from the DWD. OR, by the time you're finished with your nap, you may have new clarity and insight for some of the tasks. The Design for Harmony is a constantly shifting, evolving entity. What you were planning to do earlier may not even make sense anymore.

Whatever sounds like the most enjoyable thing, do that without judgment, and if you keep your intention in mind--the one that all those shoulds are clamoring around--whatever needs to get done always will, and you'll be inspired and energized to do them in perfect, divine timing.

As for me, I got a blog entry written and I'm back in Easy World!

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