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I've just spent the last week or so in Difficult World and no surprise--it wasn't much fun!

Someone I did an attunement for recently said something wonderfully relieving to me. As we first connected on the phone call, she told me she was really comforted to read my blog to know that I wasn't always in Easy World either. I assured her she was not an anomaly who can't seem to be in EW all the time!

Seems I've allowed myself to be sucked in by the Difficult World Dictator's whisperings of impending doom as my body has been expressing signs of stress by activating the rheumatoid arthritis I've done well to keep largely at bay over the years by keeping stress to a minimum. Without going into details, some additional stuff that I allowed to pile on lately must have been the straw that broke the camel's back, and I've been one unhappy, uncomfortable camper.

This does not negate the truth of Easy World. In fact, it reinforces it. When you respond to the call of the DWD with his focus on the future--worry--and his continual nudging to get you to try to control your circumstances, etc., you're in Difficult World. When you're in DW, your view is distorted and the glass looks half full. Being in physical pain is much more conducive to DW, too. And to top it off, resisting being in DW simple puts you even deeper into it!

So I've been really glad the past couple of days to take time out to raise my vibration, rest and heal my body, and allow myself to come back into alignment. I'm working on a project to help people undergoing spiritual emergencies, and while I'd prefer not to do a lot more research in this regard, my recent long dip into DW has given me more compassion and empathy so that I know what someone in that state can hear and what they cannot. So, as grist for the mill, I am thankful for it. Oh, what the heck--I am grateful for it period! I may not like being there, but my unconditional gratitude moves me back to Easy World.

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Olivia said:

Oh, so you've been visiting my neck of the woods, then :) Seriously, I hope you feel better soon. Everything is a lesson, yes? Take care, Olivia

Julia said:

Thanks, Olivia!

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