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So much great energy and so many great ideas percolating today! I'm all excited over starting an Easy World Ambassadors Club. I've been intending a way to spread the word about Easy World, and I think I've come up with something that will be really fun, powerful, and rewarding for those who feel in alignment with it. There are a lot of pieces to put together before I announce it, but I'm working on those.

I'm also on the brink of committing to having a weekly Internet radio show with an Easy World theme, and I am thinking about having a revolving list of co-hosts who would like to chat about Easy World with me. I'm envisioning a casual conversation format, with call-in questions. We may have special guests from time to time, but only those whose messages are aligned with Easy World. Mostly, I want it to be "just folks," talking about their EW experiences and asking EW-related questions and such. If you think you might be a good co-host, let me know! I'll be picking 3 or 4 people who are into Easy World and who are great conversationalists. If you're selected, I will ask you to read an advance copy of Choosing Easy World--I'm hoping that sounds like a bonus and not a duty!

I've gotten lots of lovely, loving, appreciative, affirmative feedback over the last few days. This feels especially timely and heaven-sent as I was on the receiving end of some particularly stinging criticism from someone in the comments area of one of my videos on YouTube. I truly hope that no one who has actually been involved with my work has gotten the "I am perfect, so do as I do" or the "I am a guru and you need to follow me" vibes or messages from me! Neither is at ALL who I am or what I am about. While the comments were brutal and, naturally, uncomfortable to read, I am grateful for the chance to see where my "ow-y" buttons are so I can disable them. And I'm grateful for the many spontaneous, kind messages that far, far outweigh the nasty ones!

Oh, yeah--I've been meaning to update you on the tweeting of the message I talked about on May13 (
"Love is intelligence; it contains information. The more Love flowing thru you, the more Divine Information you access."). Before it lost momentum, it had been retweeted more than 200 times! You gotta love it when a message about Love is that popular!

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FritzMiller said:

Julia you are so awesome. If people criticize you, that only means that you are doing good. If something does not kill me it just makes me stronger. Of course the criticism might be justified and sometimes I take it personal. When I get stung by a bee or by a barb of criticism, I simply say to myself, I love the sting, I love the itch or whatever and it goes away super fast. Just loving it and realizing that I created it takes me out of the victim role which sometimes I like to get into. Dropping down into the heart space and radiating love takes care of some of this.
Also awesome message about the intelligence of love!!

Julia said:

Thanks, Fritz! You are a wise and lovely mirror for me. You are quite awesome, yourself!

Thanks for the kind words, appreciation, and support.

Very wise advice about the radiating Love.

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