Magical spot in the woods

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Ranch House Ojai by Cynthia B.jpg

This photo, taken by my friend, Cynthia Bissonnette, of, really fires my imagination! (Click to enlarge) It is much like the scene I often see when I lead visualizations and have people imagine that they are approaching their Divine Classroom! Sometimes it's to an indoor place, but sometimes it's to a clearing in the woods.

The bridge seems familiar, too. I had a past-life regression session many, many years back, and the facilitator had me "remember" walking across a bridge and describe it as I went. it was an arched bridge much like this one--but with sort of cinnabar lacquer finish--leading into the woods. Turned out I was a Chinese monk in the regression and had a pet deer who lived in those woods. So cool.

Cynthia tells me she took this picture in Ojai, California, at Ranch House restaurant while she and her daughter were staying at the Kristamurti center nearby. She included the photo in a mailing she sent out Sunday. (You might really like getting her mailings--I've been getting them for years and they are Light-filled. They feature Cynthia's fabulous photography, too.)

I do so long for the woods and for a place of green. When Rick and I leave Denver for a greener place in the not-too-distant future, I intend to find a wooded property. I've been really drawn to bamboo also, and would love to have access to a stand of bamboo like this. I believe in the right environment, one can raise bamboo on purpose. Indeed, I'd like to create my own version of this scene. It just seems magical! It's beckoning me...

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Sibylle said:

Oh Julia, I can so completely relate to that!

Maybe it's the fact that I grew up in Germany, a country that historically has been known for its forests... I am drawn to, inspired by, and feel most at home in the woods, and much as I love Ireland where I live now, the only thing I miss is proper forests. I'm very much looking forward to my holiday next month, I'll spend a couple days in Finland which consists of forests and lakes, and then more forests and more lakes!

The picture really is magical, there is so much psychological and spiritual meaning in the bridge and the clearing in the woods... One of my own favourite trance inductions is walking deep into the woods and then through a natural arch of rowan, into a clearing.


Julia said:

I knew you'd relate to this one, Sibylle!

Oh, Finland sounds like a lovely summer spot! I hope you'll take lots of photos and blog about it.



Jeana said:

I used to live one block away from this magical place! It's only one of the many special places Ojai has to offer.

Julia said:

Hi, Jeana~

I haven't been to Ojai--I think I'm being called to visit!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

In Joy,


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