Sleepless (soon, no more) in Denver

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Lately, I've been seeking greater alignment with Spirit in the area of my health. What with my substantial excess weight, the resurgence of rheumatoid arthritis with a vengeance, and what has been an inability to sleep for longer than 90 minutes at a stretch, life has not primarily  been the fun, joyous adventure in Easy World that I would prefer. To say the least!

So I've been surrendering and surrendering this to Spirit--and, being guided to solutions. Six weeks or so ago, I stumbled across "The Gabriel Method," and I swear this guy--Jon Gabriel--is in my soul family. When I read about his approach to weight loss, his theories about why we become obese, and his experience with losing hundreds of pounds effortlessly once he figured out how things really work, I knew immediately I had found gold. Would you believe that one of the things he recommends for de-stressing is radiating Love?!

A huge component in weight loss AND healing is sleep--getting enough sleep and sleeping consecutive hours--at the right times to coordinate with the body's repair cycles. This has been a huge issue for me. With burned out adrenals and the morning stiffness and fog of the RA, I have not been very productive in the mornings and have been getting energized in the evenings, thus, staying up late, needing to sleep late in the morning to get in my hours, and repeating the cycle.

It stands to reason, based on what I've learned about the relationship between sleep and obesity and sleep and RA, that, at the least, I wasn't supporting myself so that I could heal in either area. Soooo, when I went to see our wonderful G.P., Dr. Lisa, and she said she suspected I have obstructive sleep apnea, and suggested I needed to undergo a sleep study, I eagerly signed up.

I will be going to the sleep lab to have my study tomorrow night. I am so eager to have this done and behind me! The common answer for OSA is to sleep with a CPAP machine, which doesn't sound like much fun, but if it will help me sleep, I'll do whatever it takes! I'm committed to getting healthy, and this seems like a linchpin to the whole process.

I have more to share about what I've been guided to as I've surrendered this all to Spirit, and I'll do that in the days to come. I will add now, though, that while checking my web stats last night, I saw that someone had visited this old blog entry, and I was guided to go re-read it. While I've made great progress in this area since 2005, when I first wrote it, I realize there are more layers of this onion to peel. I've now begun addressing the next layer--I'll be having a Matrix Energetics session on Friday, and I'm sure we'll address more of them...

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Angela said:

Wishing you perfect health and rest, Julie.

Julia said:

Thanks, Angela! I appreciate it. I'm in the process of letting that be my reality!

Lu Martinez said:

Dear Julia,

I came across your youtube videos and channel as I was searching for additional information for an up coming blog entry I plan to make.

Then I came across this entry in your blog. Are you still having issues with insomnia? In dealing with the fatigued (underactive) adrenal glands, I have had 100% success in helping my clients return to a normal sleep pattern.

Assuming you have a positive RF diagnosis, are you progressing with pain and stiffness? Please read my blog about this subject matter -

I have helped countless of people recover from what I call needless suffering. Truly it is simple and very common sense, yet very effective. My work can be done via distance as effective as in person. It's all about vibrational frequencies and energy which you seem to understand quite well.

I hope you receive this information with the love and genuine intention I have sent it with.

Continued blessings,


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