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I was really psyched about today because, without going into detail (may do that later!), I had a day lined up where there was a lot to do and everything fit together perfectly schedule-wise. I woke up feeling really happy about the day's activities and how well things were lined up. But by the time I saw Rick, just minutes after arising, things had shifted. (He gets up much earlier than I do.), He notified me that a phone call had come in with the message that one very important part of the schedule had changed. I was immediately annoyed. More than annoyed. Gee whiz, the ego-mind does not like to be flexible! I went from sweet to sour in only seconds.

I sat down at my desk and the first thing that caught my attention in the morning's email was today's Easy World Power Thought: "There is no place I'd rather be than Easy World." (I know others have really appreciated the daily EWPT reminders--this is the first time I've really let myself benefit!) I realized that I was far from Easy World at that moment.

So, I invoked EW and relaxed. I thought, "What would being in EW with this apparent disruption to my schedule look like?" And I realized that if I were truly in EW, at higher vibrational frequency, I'd be clear that everything that happens, no matter how it appears, is always for my benefit. I truly felt the power in it and knew that even though I didn't understand how or why, the way things were unfolding was going to work out better than my rigid mental idea of how I had thought things would be. Wow--the difference in how I felt just assuming that understanding was quite amazing! From sour back to sweet, instantly.

As it turned out, I ended up having more to do in my office today than I'd been expecting , and not as much energy as I'd have liked to get it all done, and so it was a relief not to have to go out to the appointment after all. I took a quick nap instead which made the rest of the afternoon flow really smoothly. The appointment got moved till tomorrow, at an even more convenient time than originally scheduled, and as it turned out, there would have been no particular advantage to my going today, even though it had looked for all the world that there would have been. Relaxing and trusting in Divine Order made it so that in doing the things I did do today, I was able to have an easy, flowing time instead of a hectic one. Easy World!

So, here's a question for you. I posted it on Twitter today and it got re-tweeted several times (I guess people could feel the truth in it!): What might happen if you decided everything that occurs is for your benefit?



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