Inspiration, Energy & Support mark the path

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Here's a thought that came powerfully to me tonight--an affirmation of sorts. I don't know how eloquently it will come out as it's late and I'm bleary-eyed, but I felt strongly motivated to share about it before heading to bed::

I am always inspired, energized and funded with resources to support me in thriving.

If I don't feel inspired, and the energy and resources don't seem to be available, it's my notice that I'm not in alignment with the Design for Harmony and thus can't see the support which is there for me. (In other words, I'm in Difficult World and the support is in the other reality, Easy World.)  If I'm not thriving, it means I have not been paying attention to the path under my feet and I've wandered off..This is not wrong, but it does lead to pain.

When I stay true to mySelf--true to Love--and trust in my own perceptions and instincts, staying fully present instead of wandering off into denial because of fear of what is, I stay on course,

When I allow myself to align with Spirit through choosing Love and acceptance over fear and resistance, I will see and be empowered to take the next step on the path of my well-being and I will find that all the support I need is there.

I know I'm on the path of well-being when I experience inspiration, energy and support for the next step.



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