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Years ago, when I decided to use the name on my birth certificate, "Julia," instead of the nickname I'd always been called, "Julie," I used to sign my name "Julie/Julia" when corresponding with people who had known me as "Julie." Didn't want to freak them out or make them feel  bad for still thinking of me as "Julie." I, myself, have been challenged to accept and integrate a friend's "new name" when called upon to do so, and I wanted to accommodate this for my friends and family. So when I heard about Julie Powell's blog, "The Julie/Julia Project," back in 2003--or, it may have been 2002--I felt a mixture of familiarity, connection and envy (what a cool idea she had!).

And now, with the movie Julie & Julia coming out, I find it somewhat humorous that, while in search of Julie Powell's blog, some people are unintentionally finding their way to my blog--in particular, to an entry from 2006 where I talk about my inner child, "Sweet Julie"! Spirit has some truly fascinating, quirky ways of making connections, and while I'm guessing the lion's share of folks who show up only to find that my blog is not what they were looking for will immediately navigate away, a connection will have been made in the ethers nonetheless. I intend blessings for all those who find my blog and sites (however they find them), and so the Julie/Julia Project seekers get to share in the Love regardless! And, who knows? Maybe a couple of them will stick around!

I'm very excited because today, Monday, the in-house launch meeting is being held for my upcoming book, Choosing Easy World, at St. Martin's Press, my publisher. This is when all the various departments there get involved. According to my editor, Jennifer Enderlin, September is when we'll see a cover design and I'll start working with the marketing department and publicist. Hooray! Things will be picking up speed now! May (publication time) still seems like an age away, but I'm sure time will continue to fly...

I have a new mini-poster to upload to
www.ILiveInEasyWorld.com to the freebies page, but it's not there as I'm writing this because Tony, my webmaster, was taking some vacation time last week after I created it (I made it for the meeting and decided to share it with everyone). I'm sending it to him to upload first thing when he gets back to his office, so look for it later today (it's the wee hours of the morning right now) or tomorrow at the latest. Enjoy!

UPDATE: The poster is now uploaded and ready for you to download!

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