Infinite realities and competing intentions

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I received an email today from someone that said this:

"What puzzles me & what I do not seem to be able to accept is that I am totally responsible for everything that happens in my life. I do believe that thoughts are " things" however other people have thoughts also & I cannot seem to get beyond this " idea " If praying for others helps then so would others' malicious thoughts hinder don't you think ? And I understand about protection etc. But if one person wants good and fifteen want evil then it seems to me that evil will prevail. I suppose there are no pat answers but if you could shed some light on this issue for me I would be most grateful."

And here is my reply (I decided that if one person on my list had this question, there are probably others!):

I will do my best to help you come to a more satisfying understanding.

The following is an overly simplified explanation for a very challenging perception, but hopefully, it will help you see what I see that has been useful for me, and maybe it will be useful for you, too:

Even though you are, as a human, aware of only one reality at a time, there is not simply one unfolding reality, but an infinite number of them occurring simultaneously.

The reality you experience at any given time is determined by what you are a vibrational match to--which one you are tuned in to. Like tuning a radio or TV, if you want to watch a certain channel to see a particular show, you have to have your tuner set to the right wavelength and frequency to pick it up. If you have it set to a different frequency, you will hear/see a different show instead of the one you had hoped to see.

Likewise, to see what you want to see in your life, it's necessary to be tuned into that reality through your thoughts, emotions, and general vibration.

I'm going to include a part of a reply I gave on a forum some years back to someone else who was confused about the idea of competing intentions. In her case, she was wondering about runners in a race who all intended to win:

"What I'm aware of is that there are infinite realities--INFINITE. Hard to grasp, eh?

So there's the scenario where you win the race, and the one where someone else wins the race--but there's also the one where you win the race in your red pants, and the one where you win the race in your green pants, and the one where you win the race in your green pants having eaten pasta beforehand and the one where you win the race in your green pants having eaten pizza beforehand and the one where you win the race wearing green pants having eaten pizza and having called your best friend for encouragement before the race and she wasn't there and the one where you win the race in your green pants having eaten pizza beforehand having called your best friend for encouragement before the race and she was there and was all excited for you and gave you a great pep talk.

AND, there's the one where you
lost the race wearing green pants, having eaten pizza and having talked to your best friend--or not--and on and on and on and on and on...

When you think of all the possible tiny nuances and variables, they are truly INFINITE.

And how you determine which scenario you experience and are aware of is determined by where you tune your vibrational frequency at any given time. Like the radio only a LOT more selection! The Law of Attraction simply determines which of the infinite possible scenarios you're tuning in to based on your vibration. That's why it is so wise to be proactive with your focus and your feelings since they determine the vibration you're sending forth for matching up with a reality.

Basically, who wins the race depends on who is doing the perceiving and what reality they're in. Every racer involved could perceive a reality in which they won the race and it would be true. It would not negate anyone else's reality choice or even have anything to do with it.

It is also important to understand that by surrendering to a higher power, what you are doing is coming into proper alignment. The Divine Design dictates that your Spirit / higher power / God Self is the one to be in charge--not your ego. When you surrender to your Spirit, you are shifting your receptivity from the ego, whose job it is to keep you in resistance to the flow of Love, and lining up with the aspect of you that is flowing Love to you.

The more in alignment with Source you are and thus, engaged with and allowing of the flow of Love, the higher vibration is and the more appealing the potential realities you're a match to are. The more Love you're allowing to flow without resistance, the higher your vibrational frequency. The higher your vibrational frequency, the more harmonious the selection of realities you can access are.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter how many people there are in the world choosing evil, if you're aligned with your Spirit, allowing the flow of Love, and not in resistance to anything--not even the people who are choosing what ego labels as "evil"--you will experience harmony and joy. You will be tuned into a reality that is joyful and Light-filled. The more resistance you apply--to ANYTHING--the lower your vibration is and the closer a match you are to disharmonious realities so that what you experience is painful and not at all joyful.

Love flowing freely = joy. Resistance = pain. Joy is a vibrational match for the realities we like; Pain is a vibrational match for the realities we don't like.

No matter what reality anyone else is choosing, you choose your own reality and experience it as utterly true for you.

I know that is a lot to chew on. I hope it makes sense after you've had time to digest it!

I am going to post this to my blog (without your name, of course) so that it may help others as well.

Love and Joy,


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PJ said:

Delightful food for thought & soul ! Rather makes me feel very smallish & ironically very immense simultaneously. Am still chewing on this delicious repast because as you mentioned, it is a mite difficult to grasp..sort of like trying to catch a butterfly with your bare hands. Intellectually, your explanations are quite clear & logical. Not having had this experience I obviously have need of a fine-tunement.
Sort of opened up a floodgate & I could write realms; however, just want to extend much gratitude & appreciation ...

Thank you Julia !

Julia said:

Hi, PJ~

So happy you've found things opening up!

I like this that you said: "Rather makes me feel very smallish & ironically very immense simultaneously."

Yes! You are the whole spectrum, indeed.

Just relax with it and allow it to integrate at the speed that works for you.

And thanks again for the question!



Sibylle said:

You know, Julia, since I (rather recently) started to TRULY embrace the concept of infinite realities, it feels like I've found the missing link to manifestation. Thank you for putting it into words that make the concept so much easier to grasp, as you usually do!

As you can see, I'm back online after a period of not having internet at home. Lots of wonderful changes on their way in my world and reality! It feels good to be back :-)


Julia said:

So happy to hear that you are back online, Sibylle! And thanks for confirming that my explanation was understandable!

I need to go over to your blog and catch up--I have not been online that much of late and I miss finding out what my online buddies are up to. Really thrilled to know you are feeling empowered and "in the sweet spot"!

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