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Yesterday was my 56th birthday. I'm not assigning any significance to the notion that Mother Earth celebrated by unleashing a shudder in Chile that displaced millions and killed hundreds and set up a tsunami that threatened a third of the planet! Surely the two are not connected...

Otherwise, it was a wholly uneventful day except for the flood of birthday wishes on my Facebook wall and a couple of lovely birthday phone calls. The highlight of it all was when Stepdaughter #3 came over and we worked on her scholarship essay. Oh--and another was when I heated my new slippers in the microwave and put them on to toast my feet (thank you, sister Ann!).

It was my own idea not to make a big deal out of birthdays this year, but I'm thinking I'll pronounce next year that a big deal needs to be made. I like a little festivity. When settling into bed the night of my birthday, I like to look back on all the fun I had. I certainly was not unhappy as I went to bed, but neither was I exhilarated from merriment! So I believe I'll create it differently for #57.

One thing I especially enjoyed yesterday was doing some online research about Vilcabamba, Ecuador. I'm a subscriber to The Raw Food World TV Show on YouTube, and raw food gurus Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes Monarch have just gone to Vilcabamba to see their new home at Hacienda San Joaquin that was recently built there. In watching a video of their first visit to their land (last year), I was really taken by the pristine beauty and clear, gentle, yet powerful energy that radiates from it. By doing a little Googling, I discovered that Vilcabamba, known for the longevity of its people, is drawing conscious folks from all over the world who are interested in healthy, sustainable living. It's a veritable paradise. It really got my imagination fired up! I think a little earlier in my Earth journey, I'd have been ready to jump in and move there. As things stand now, a visit may someday be in the cards...

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Jacqueline said:

Happy Birthday, Julia!
I can't believe I didn't know it was your birthday! Sheesh!
You do deserve to have special attention on your birthday because you are a magnificent being, created to bring Love & Light to the world. I bet the Angels had a party and talked for hours about the day you were born and how excited you were to come here. :)
Sending you warm fuzzies...

Julia Author Profile Page said:

Thanks, Jacqueline~ What a beautiful thing to say! Feelin' those warm fuzzies!!!

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