The new me

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I took this photo of myself tonight with my webcam. (I didn't even realize it would take still photos!)

In this shot, you can see how much weight I've lost in my face and neck due to my new food choices. I hope you can see the raw food glow as well! It's been a long, LONG time since I was happy with a picture of me and not even be tempted to Photoshop it! A good feeling...

the new Julia cr sm.jpg

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Sibylle said:

Wow, Julia! You look fabulous!

It's funny, even before reading the text I was thinking what a radiant "glow" you seem to be emitting. I'm thrilled for you, this seems to be doing you so good :-)


You look fantastic! I love the smile, one that radiates into your face. You do sort of 'glow', which is really cool.

I've heard of raw food diets. Don't think I could do it. I do try to eat as organic and natural as possible, but I like hot stuff, cooked stuff, and sometimes salty stuff! Thank goodness I'm not addicted to sweets like so many people I know though!

Anyway, found you on Twitter quite by accident on #writerschat. Thought I'd pop in and say hello.

Keep writing!

Love and stuff,

Yonatan said:

Wow Julia, that is really Great!!!


All the Best.


Francesca said:

You look fabulous! Go girl! ♥

Ellen Kennon said:

Wow, you look fabulous!! Your skin is glowing!! Love the new hairdo too!!!

Maryanne said:

You DO look fabulous and sooo glowing. Good for you! I hope that you have some do-able information for "going raw food" on your site. I will check! And, congrats on your new sounds wonderful & I am planning to order it.

Thanks so much,

Julia said:

Congratulations Julia! You must feel so accomplished. I hope to follow in your footsteps. Hugs, Julia S.

Beth Arnold said:

You really look fantastic! (I would like to feel that way about photos of me.)

All best--and you go, girl!

Andrena said:

WOW!!! You look FAB!!!! I know your birthday is comning up in a few days and you look at least 10yrs younger. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE NEW YOU!

B & L,

Jacqueline said:

You are positively glowing!!!
I couldn't be happier for you and the empowering changes you've made. I think its also perfectly appropriate for the release of the new book. ;)

veronica Suarez said:

You know Julia...your job is amazing!, so easy but at the same time so implacable as you are!!

Love what you share about your new look but let me tell you something " you were really beautifull before too, your experience make that in you, always shining and giving...,and you always reflect that!!

So talking about giving... why don´t you share with us how lovely and gentil you must be with yourself to have been done that in your body? and enjoying it!!!

All my love to you!!!- thanks for everything!!

Syl said:

You look like a work of art brought back once again into the light by a cleansing restoration. Congrats :)

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