For success YOUR way, don't follow the Difficult World rules

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I talked to a friend yesterday who was overwhelmed and conflicted. Why? She'd been listening to the so-called experts who had been outlining all the things one HAS to do to be a success as a spiritual author.

She was conflicted because she has finally, after a life of struggle, had a taste of living a life of peace and harmony, and all the hard work and continuous travel they'd been insisting was necessary sounded completely opposite of the joyful life she had felt herself moving toward. And yet, she still has a burning desire to share the book she feels wanting to be born through her, and share it in a big way. Must she give up one to have the other?

This, of course, hit me where I live, so to speak. I believe one reason it's taken me so long to get to the point where I'm ready to "play with the big kids" is because I haven't really found a lot of the game the big kids are playing to seem like that much fun! Only some of it seems to match up with my desires.

For one thing, I desire to have the opportunity to reach the multitudes with my message without having to be away from home all the time. Though I love to travel, I am, at the same time, a homebody. I love spending time with my husband, my dogs, and my garden. I love being able to take a nap when I need or simply desire one. I love being able to follow the natural flow of my thoughts to do what appeals to me in the moment instead of being scheduled in so tightly there's no time for that. I do not thrive when I have to be constantly "on." A balance is required for me to embody the very message I have to offer.

If the experts are correct, I will be a miserable failure at being a spiritual author, much less, one with a best-selling book, and yet, I intend to be one. So what's the answer? Easy World, of course. The stuff that the "experts" have been espousing is old paradigm stuff. It's the Difficult World perspective. Difficult World rules do not apply to Easy World and they do not apply if an aligned, Easy World life is what you seek.

If I have a desire as strong as mine is to achieve success as an author and teacher, and a lack of desire as powerful as the one I have (and the one my friend has) not to stress myself out fulfilling that desire, both are totally valid
and totally doable! It's the success-seed my Spirit has implanted in me. One of my most re-tweeted Twitter posts is "A desire is a message from your Spirit that something you'd love to have is ready to be delivered." And it's so, so true. If you fail to honor your true desires--and part of your desire is peace, joy, and harmony along the way--you'll be in Difficult World.

If you want to create true success, which I define to be the fulfillment of your desires, you're going to need to stop letting external authorities cause you to doubt the possibility that you can have what you desire in the way that you truly desire it. If someone is saying or implying "You HAVE to do this" just know that it's the Difficult World Dictator behind it and if you buy into it, you will be led further into Difficult World. The fulfillment of your authentic desires will be found in Easy World, so get yourself back there a.s.a.p.!

Speaking of fulfilling my desires, I received a shipment of ARCs (advance reader copies) of Choosing Easy World last night from St. Martin's Press. They look and feel like real
Galleys sm.jpgbooks (though Choosing Easy World will first come out in hardcover and these are paperback). They are for sending to reviewers, etc. and for me they are a grand visualization tool and an affirmation of how far choosing Easy World has brought me so far. The Difficult World-based experts would have said that with my limited platform and relatively low visibility, I'd never be able to get a big New York publisher to take on my book. But I did--and with ultimate ease--because I didn't follow the Difficult World rules.

I choose to live in Easy World where everything is easy!

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Syl said:

Excellent post Julia! I am putting the link on my page for my friends to go and read it too :)

Congrats on not following the DW crowd and staying in EW and getting a big NY publisher to accept your book!

Julia Author Profile Page said:

Thank you, Syl!

I hugely appreciate you helping get the Easy World message out!

Jackie Lee said:

Hi Julia,

Congrats on staying in Easy World and getting your book published. It seems as though I've finally allowed myself to venture into living in Easy World and man it feels good!! :) I'd love to review your book if you need a reviewer.

Julia said:

Thanks, Jackie! Being in Easy World DOES feel good, indeed. Congrats to you for moving in!

I'll be in touch about reviewing the book!

Jacqueline said:

Hi, Julia!
I love your post about my experience. Here's an update for you. When I withdrew from the competition, I felt great peace and expansion. I felt lighter and free once again. My heart swelled with joy and gratitude as I re-aligned with Spirit and the Divine Design for Harmony.

Then I had a HUGE breakthrough on how I have been blocking the blessings and support that have been available to me. Next, information I needed for different things was delivered right to me. Then I got out of my car at a normally busy store to find a $20 bill just lying there with no one around to return it to. Great, right?! There's more! I went to a thrift store today to buy one pair of jeans for my daughter only to discover that for today only all clothes are $1. Woo Hoo!!!

I discovered my mis-alignment because my internet satellite dish was out of alignment with the ISP tower. Since my life reflects what's going on inside, I knew I was out of alignment. Now that the dish has been re-set, my service is way better than it was before the shift.

The bottom line is that life really is joyful, supportive, and harmonious when you choose Easy World and align with Spirit. I LOVE Easy World!!!

Julia Author Profile Page said:

Don't you just love how Spirit provides such obvious clues if we're paying attention?!

That's awesome, Jacqueline.

Vanessa said:

What a fabulous mindset!

I'm in the unnamed competition as well but for me it has been a tremendous boost of joy. It has motivated me to move forward with my website and writing and given focus to my online activities.

I think it is so interesting how the same activity can affect people differently. Vive la difference!

Congratulations on the success with your book - Easy World was a completely foreign concept to me until last year and I've never heard it referred to that way but I certainly will do so now. I choose EW!

Julia Author Profile Page said:

Thanks, Vanessa!

Yes, different strokes for different folks--and even the same strokes for different folks if the timing is right. Best of luck with the competition and I know you'll be thriving no matter what now that you're choosing Easy World!

Michelle said:

Thank you for embodying EW Julia and big congrats on the book release.

Let me know how I can assist you on your journey to what I like to call "soul success."

The world is ready for people who are successful and living in alighment with what they value in their heart. Love and Light!

Bright Michelle

Julia said:

Thanks, Michelle! Happy you dropped by!

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