Can we or can we not manifest anything we desire?

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I've been going back through some old files and finding lots of cool content I just never figured out how I wanted to share. Below is part of my conversation on a forum with a guy who was in a conundrum about two women, Rachel and Jessica. Here was the gist of his question, which seems is a common one for people wanting to apply the Law of Attraction:

Because we can't manifest a certain individual in our lives, does that mean our means of creation is limited? If our means of creation is limited then we are truly not 100% free to create any experience in our lives.

And here is my response to him:

We are not intrinsically limited in our creative ability. We can, indeed, manifest anything we desire. The trick is to understand what that really is.
Our desires are always aligned with Source, but our *translation* of those desires is colored by our extremely limited ego. Until we are operating at high enough frequency to have the viewpoint from which we can see from the git-go that Jessica is the correct match to our desire, we would do well to express our intention to have the best possible match to our desire and trust that it will manifest perfectly. Trust IS a huge challenge for ego, but such is the task of the spiritual warrior!

At lower frequency, at which we are always operating when we are operating in ego's domain, we just see Rachel and think SHE'S the match to our desire, when the truth is, at the higher level where our creative power resides, we know that Jessica is really the correct match. To the degree that we ALLOW the vibrational match to manifest in our experience without the ego resistance of "But I just HAVE to have Rachel," the faster our true desire will manifest.

At the higher levels of our being, we are purely creative and all-knowing, all seeing. But the level where most of us are operating now, with soooooo much ego input, we are largely blind. Allowing ego to translate our desires is a ticket to frustration as ego is extremely limited in what it sees. It operates totally on evidence rather than true vision. Yes--ego is not a lot of help in manifesting what will truly bring you joy.

SO, you might be able to force things and get Rachel, but you will find that she is not the match to your true desire.

Yes--we can create what we truly desire, but ego is the wrong one to tell you what that is!

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Francesca said:

Good stuff. Thanks Julia!

Julia said:

Thanks, Francesca! (Just now noticed your comment!)

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