Weird and wonderful week

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It's been a big week for me. Not only did I launch "10 Radiant Seconds," a major event which I'll be talking more about soon in another blog entry, we had our first meeting of the Easy World Ambassadors, the group of 13 (14, if you count Rick) who have come forth to help get the word out about Easy World so it can spread around the planet. What an awesome group! The energy on our first teleconference was huge and crackling!  The enthusiasm of these folks is simply breathtaking and they''ve already started doing lots of cool stuff to get the word out (I just mis-typed"world" instead of "word"--or did I?!).
I am feeling hugely blessed to have such amazing support in this work. And you know, it's funny, because yesterday morning, I was really in Difficult World, and feeling very unsupported. But as luck would have it, Rick was away for a few hours, so I was able to cut loose with a spontaneous--and loud--"#3" (if you don't know what that is, go here and read Step 3) which helped immensely. (It's not that I can't have one when he's at home, it just cramps my style a bit!)

I knew I needed to raise my vibration because I was scheduled to be on a video Skype call with Gay Hendricks, who wanted to have a pow-wow before I am a guest of his and his lovely wife, Kathlyn's, on Monday evening for a class they're offering. (Click here to join the class--it's free, but if you're not already registered as a member of their community--which you can also do for free--go here first and register.) It was such a fun call and he was so great, my vibration rose even further. He's been choosing Easy World ever since last summer when he read Choosing Easy World to endorse it. That's extra meaningful to me as I've been a fan of his for decades.  It really  tickled me when he pulled his Easy World reminder note out of his desk to show me! So by the time the ambassadors gathered, I was in an entirely different place--literally! I was in Easy World for sure.

Then, this afternoon,
I was interviewed on the radio by Kay Ballard on her show, "Women Are Not Funny." Rick got the gig for me, and when she and I had a pre-show interview, she told me, openly and unapologetically, that she doesn't resonate with my work, isn't into "woo-woo" stuff, and had no intention of talking to me about what's in my book. To top that off, I felt that our connection was strained and uncomfortable. You can imagine that I seriously wondered what the heck I was doing going on her show! I must admit I tried to bail on the interview, but for some reason, decided to go through with it.

I'm so glad I did because it turned out to be quite empowering and fun--very fun--indeed. I think you will enjoy it. It's very different from any interview you ever heard with me before! She is a humorous lady of wit and an unusual style. Believe me when I tell you that it is fascinating that this self-professed Difficult World devotee and I ended up having such a warm and entertaining time on the show! Just a couple little notes of caution--in the beginning of the show, she definitely shows her Difficult World orientation when she talks about taking perverse pleasure in ridiculing someone. Keep listening anyway. And a little way into the show, she plays a piece of music that is not something you will likely want to have your speakers turned way up for! Do persevere through it as I think the best part of the interview is after that. Julia on Women Are Not Funny with Kay Ballard

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