Part 3 of How to shed 55 pounds (and get healthy!) in Easy World

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One important aspect of this is that when I said to my Spirit I'd give up anything to heal, I knew I had to be willing to give up anything that was taking precedence over my alignment with my Spirit, and that included my relationship with Rick. If he decided he wasn't willing to support my new way of eating, there would be little hope for us.

The only way to be totally healthy is to put your relationship with your true Self before your relationship with any other human,
any lifestyle or any addiction.

I remember a call with Rick while I was in Spain (thank heavens for Skype--we talked every day--sometimes multiple times--for free) when he asked "What is this all going to look like when you get home? How are we going to eat?" I told him I wasn't sure--but that I was pretty sure our relationship would depend on him going along with whatever I needed to do to heal.

Sure enough, the man got with the program, and though has not restricted himself to my plan, has done all the grocery shopping for the organically grown foods I've required and has happily eaten the vegetarian meals I've prepared.

Though I long for him to decide to do whatever it takes to get healthier and trimmer--he has been moving in that direction--he has to reach his own "come to Jesus" point and find his own way to come into alignment with himSelf. I am truly grateful he has not been working to sabotage me and has actually been supportive and proud of me! It has allowed our relationship to grow.

I must mention that before I surrendered completely to this process, I was guided to The Gabriel Method. When I stumbled upon it online, I immediately burst into tears, a sure sign that there was something important there for me. Jon Gabriel's story of his own process was totally inspiring and his theories about the body's "fat programs" rang so very true. So I ordered the program, downloaded the included meditation, and it has been magic--but it only started working for me once I did the necessary surrender.

Prior to my surrender moment, I'd listen and nothing much changed. It was only after I got back from Spain that I noticed that listening to it really seemed to make a difference in my weight loss and the behavior that contributes to it. Essentially, it works to align your subconscious with the understanding that when your body feels safe, it will let go of the weight effortlessly and that it is, indeed, safe to let go of the weight. It reinforces your natural desire to make healthy eating choices. I listen to it several nights a week as I am going to sleep.

to be continued...

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