Part 2 of How to shed 55 pounds (and get healthy!) in Easy World

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Here I am in January of '09:
Julia in scarf from Ann.jpgAnd here I am this April:
Julia April 2010 sm.jpg(Continued--you can read Part 1 of this here)

So everything was put in place for me to heal at the clinic and, as I realize after the fact, to metamorphosize (is that a word?) into a new person. That is what I feel like. A whole, new person. I apparently needed to step "out of context" to achieve this transformation. But please don't think you can't do this without going to Spain! That was MY answer--your Spirit will have one that fits for you.

While in Spain, I slept so much the first 2 weeks, it amazes me to imagine. I slept in my bed, night and day. I slept in my easy chair. I'd even fall asleep at the desk. Whenever I was not at an appointment or there was no one (housekeeping, nurses) in my room, I slept. It felt like I was a butterfly in the cocoon and when I finally stopped needing to sleep all night and most of every day, I felt like an entirely different being than the one who entered the clinic and I looked like one, too! I credit the juice fasting, the sleep and the colonics with that. Oh yeah--I had started drinking fresh carrot/celery juice daily even before going to the clinic as it is what I was craving. As I hadn't been able to stand up for long at all, Rick very kindly juiced for me and even more kindly, cleaned the juicer, too!

Prior to heading to Spain, I was guided to seek a treatment for my knees which were suffering both from severe osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis and found a new medical procedure called "Knee Vitality." (I had to do that to even be able to walk well enough to do anything else--especially to travel internationally because even with wheelchair service, you have to be able to ambulate.)

Amazingly, after specifically asking Spirit how I could get my knees well enough to be able to do the walking I needed to do to get to the clinic and walk while I was there, I "heard" a crystal clear voice that said "Do a Google search for 'knee specialist, Denver'" and when I did, this procedure showed up at the top of the results. Turns out it's only done in 2 places in the world at present--Los Angeles, and at an outpatient surgery center about 15 minutes from my house. Amazing. How smart of Spirit to arrange that!

I had 3 treatments over as many weeks, and was walking well enough to travel, etc., by the time I left for Spain. It took me the whole time I was at the clinic to get to walking any real distance, but by the time I was headed home, I could walk without even using a cane. (I've had one more treatment recently and would have been able to go longer before getting one, but needed to go ahead and get it before our insurance changed at the end of June.)

Upon my return from Spain, I was guided to start drinking green smoothies and to eat vegan except for some fish once or twice a week, an occasional egg, and little goat cheese once in a blue moon (so far 3 times in 7 months). I was also guided to be sure most of the vegetables and fruits I eat are raw and to move toward at least 80% raw vegan.

I was advised to resist nothing and to eat whatever I
really wanted. To my astonishment, what I've wanted 99.99% of the time are exactly the foods that support my feeling good physically and have allowed me to drop excess weight. I need to clarify here that though I did receive an overview of how to proceed, my guidance about what to eat didn't just come in some big mandate all at once--it's what I've been pretty consistently guided to do in the moment.

Have I stopped at Starbucks in response to an inner-child craving to have an iced mocha with whipped cream? Yep. Once. Did it hurt me? No--resisting would have hurt me more. But I know that consuming dairy and sugar is not healthy for me long-term-- and more importantly, I really don't like how they make me feel--so I simply don't normally feel like consuming them. Have I hit KFC when I was craving a fried chicken thigh? (My inner child LOVES KFC fried chicken thighs--Original Recipe--tastes like a treat from childhood when dinner from outside our house was a big deal--never mind how gross it is when contemplated rationally!) Yes, exactly twice in 7 months. And I
was immediately satisfied--did not feel guilty, and haven't needed to do it again. If ever I do, I'll do it with gusto--in non-resistance and full appreciation for the experience.

The key seems to be to trust your body and not doubt it--not try to force it to do something different than it wants, because most of the time, it wants what will make it feel good.
It's utterly amazing what you don't want when you tell yourself, as I do, "I can have anything I want." To allow yourself to want what you want and not to try and make yourself deny what you crave is so liberating and empowering.

But you have to stay conscious and not just eat habitually. You can't just deny whatever it is that is needy inside you that dictates your cravings. For this to work, you have to address that. What that looks like is different for each of us. I'm still figuring that out for me, but apparently, enough was resolved by the act of surrendering to my Spirit and coming into alignment, a lot has spontaneously healed.

Of course, you need to be in the moment with your eating and paying attention. When you do this, you won't normally get to the place where you just have to go to KFC or whatever your deal is. Sometimes if your body needs something--say, concentrated protein--your hunger for it will reference back to a food that seems like it will fill that need and also will fill a need of the child-self. Or of the fearful ego. And you know about dealing with ego--resistance only empowers it!

To be continued...

Only 30 more days till Choosing Easy World is released and we do the 10 Radiant Seconds event!!!

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