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I've meant to blog sooner, but just didn't feel the energy to do it. Rick and I are undergoing a period of major transition right now, and not just because the book is out. Lots of change and uncertainty are in the works, including a major relocation. I'm really having to dynamically walk my talk to flow with it all! I am also needing major rest and rejuvenation of my adrenal glands. Sounds like an impossible combination, but I'm trusting my Spirit to see me through all of this, so I'm surrendering, surrendering, surrendering! I choose to live in Easy World where everything is easy. Breathing...relaxing...allowing...enjoying...and watching the magic unfold!

It's coming up on 3 weeks now since the book was released into the world--hard to believe after all the months--years--when it seemed that its release date would never come! I love knowing
Choosing Easy World is out there, making its own way in the world without me holding its hand, but, like a parent whose young adult child is traveling the world, I do relish the reports that are filtering back to me that tell me it's really doing its job of inspiring people and waking them up to their "home reality"!

I've gotten lots of emails and Facebook messages and such from folks who have discovered Choosing Easy World and are so excited about it, they just had to look me up and touch base with me. I figure that for every person I get a message from, there must be at least several more who are excited about the book but who aren't letting me know--I just hope they're sharing their enthusiasm with their friends and family! I've heard from a couple of different folks that they found out about the book through a relative. I got one last week that said she'd found out about the book through her mom, and today, someone posted on the Easy World Guestbook that she'd found out about Easy World from a friend of her mother's. It's multi-generational!

Perhaps the most exciting bit of feedback is that my brother-in-law, whom I'd hardly peg as being in the main demographic for CEW, had appropriated my sister's copy and had been quoting to her out of it!

I'm also loving that, because of Choosing Easy World's success, the world is discovering Recreating Eden, my "first-born." I've always felt this would happen, and, indeed, sales are picking up. The cartons in the basement are starting to empty out. Looks like it's time for this empowering knowledge from Spirit to be disseminated more widely at last!

FYI--I spend a lot of time on Facebook on my fan page. Since I started doing that, I've not been as active on my blog. So if you want more regular updates, spiritual insights, affirmations and such, you might want to "like" my page: Julia Rogers Hamrick on Facebook

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