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What a crazy time! Rick and I have leased a house in Raleigh, NC, where I have family and friends and where I lived for 12 or so years in my 20s and 30s. After more than 12 years in Denver, it feels really healing to be going home.

So why am I calling this a crazy time? We made the decision to move and found a great house very rapidly there, which meant scrambling to get everything lined up to rent our house in Denver out. I'm not going to go into all the details, but there are LOTS! Fortunately, we are Easy World citizens (if only part time!) and have managed to stay in EW with this--at least most of the time--and have attracted a lot of good help.

In the midst of it all, we're going to make our annual pilgrmmage to Lake Michigan, which is something of a necessity what with the work that will be going on here while we're away. I don't relish being in the middle of it, so it was extra incentive to go. No doubt, it has added some complexity to the situation, but complexity doesn't have to be Difficult World--not if you let Easy World handle it! So, before we move east, we'll be driving to the lake and back and then across country again for good--however long "for good" turns out to be! I do dream of tropical islands...

I've had my sad moments at leaving here--the thought of leaving my garden has gotten me choked up more than once, and knowing I'll be doing without my little swimming pool for a year or so has also brought the tears. I love our house and it has been a place of great growth for me--I've written 2 books here and become a different person here (the one up side of living on one's Pluto line!). I console myself about living so far away from the Hamrick girls by reminding myself we don't see them very much anyway and that when they come to visit, we may have more quality time with them. And there's the phone, email and Facebook, etc.

Overall, however, this move has really felt right, and the way things have clicked into place has assured me that it is in alignment with the Design for Harmony. Even Rick, who would probably stay in Denver for the rest of his life if not for me, is excited. I'm feeling really great about the possibilities that can open up for us there. Not only do I have a great feeling about what we can do in our new location, I've been delighted over and over with the way things have lined up to make it easy for us and to assure us that we're always guided. Being in Easy World is the only way to go through a transition like this!

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Drew Newell said:

I live in Raleigh and just picked up your book from Barnes & Noble in Cary. So far I love it & I'm going to get it for my Mom's birthday this month. Welcome Back! Please announce if/when you will be speaking in the area - I would like to come.


Nancy said:

Hi Julia,

I picked up Easy World on impulse last week, thinking it was so "hokey" it wouldn't work, but wouldn't harm, either. Well, last week I had oral surgery (not fun), and the surgeon kept saying, "this is going beautifully" despite some unexpected surgery. After several comments, I told him afterwards about "Easy World." He didn't quite know what to make of it, but was so floored at how well things went he didn't know what to say. Then later this week I went in for yet another fitting for hearing aids, which is another major challenge every time I've had to get them. This has been no exception, until Friday, when it started to go so smoothly. And yes, I'm using the telephone with ease, and despite having to work on Sunday, it's all going easy. WOW. Never thought I'd be writing a testimony like this.
I grew up in Chicago, visit Evanston regularly. Hope you had a great Lake Michigan trip, and your renovations are going well.


Nancy Larson

P.S. Feel free to publish this, but do not use my last name or email address. Thanks.

Julia said:

That's great, Drew! I intend to have some gatherings once we get settled in Raleigh--I'll be sure to let you know. Thanks for the welcome. It will be great to be home again.

Nancy--Glad your Spirit moved you past your disdainful DWD and had you pick up the book! Seems you're being rewarded for that with some lovely Easy World experiences. We're enjoying being at the lake very much. Today's a gorgeous sunny day, but every day here is special to us! It's easy to access Easy World here...:)

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