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During the Easy World Way to Radiant Health and Ideal Weight teleseminar tonight, I used the affirmations below and pledged to post them so that people could come back and see them so they wouldn't have to try to write everything down in the moment.

In order to heal, you need to be ready. Here are some affirmations to use for "diagnostic" purposes to see if you're ready (pay attention to where you're feeling resistance--see if you believe them or not):

  • I'm ready to be healthy.
  • I'm ready to feel good.
  • I'm ready to express my true Self.
  • I'm ready to be radiant.
  • I'm ready to look fabulous.
  • I'm ready to be in shape.
  • I'm ready to let my Spirit be in charge of my life.


Ask your Spirit "What do I need to do to be ready?" (journal, listen, expect inspiration)  Also, you might shift these by saying "I'm ready to be ready..." i.e. "I'm ready to be ready to feel good." "I'm ready to be ready to look fabulous," etc. OR, if that doesn't shift it, you can try, "I'm willing to be ready..."

Apologies to those were unable to get on the call--I'll be uploading a recording for those who had registered for it. And if you didn't even know about the teleseminar, I'll be offering another one in November. The price of admission is that you need to purchase Choosing Easy World and then visit to collect the bonuses, one of which is the teleseminar, but there are a slew of great ones from something like 80 other teachers.

Enjoy the process of reclaiming radiant health! It's your birthright, indeed.

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