My New Best Friend

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I've got a new best friend! If I've been largely absent from the blogosphere lately, it's at least in part because I've been in high gear with creating a new product. It's a "power tool" to help those of us who are devoted to living in Easy World to have an easier time being there. I'm so excited about it! It's a simple tool but it packs quite a punch in my experience.

It's My Easy World Daybook and it's a daily journal with prompts you respond to that put you in Easy World. I've been using it for weeks now and I really love how it causes me to commune with my Self--the real me--and raise my vibration up to where Easy World is my reality. Starting my day in Easy World really sets me up to spend more of my day in EW.

I was strongly inspired to create this and have found the process to be deeply fulfilling. I must confess that as much as I love it and have benefited from using the prototype of it, I wondered if other people would "get it" and be excited about it and see the value in it. Well, they sure seem to!

I sent out a mailing to my Love Letters From Easy World subscribers last week, thinking that because they're already committed to starting their day in Easy World that they would really like this. I was definitely right! We've had a tremendous response and people are not only buying one journal at the discounted advance-order price, more folks than I had expected are taking advantage of the 5 daybooks for the price of 4 deal we're offering! (Each daybook has daily pages for 90 days plus extra pages for recording other inspirations so if you use yours every day, 4 daybooks is a year's worth--the 5th one can be a gift or a start on the next year!)

Here's a quick, fun video Rick and I made today of me and my new best friend...

I'm really inspired to think about all the Easy World focus and time spent in EW (and out of Difficult World!) the daybooks are going to support. If people get as into using theirs as I do mine, there will be some serious vibration-raising going on!

Please check out the daybook page and let me know what you think!

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