Want or desire? My GPS realization

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A want is a hole the Difficult World Dictator creates to suck your energy into. A desire is your Spirit's announcement that something you'd love to have is ready for you to claim.

I experienced the difference between a want and a desire very graphically yesterday morning while writing in My Easy World Daybook. The night before, after looking up the route from our house to our cottage on Lake Michigan, I decided we simply had to have a GPS to get us there without problems.

A little background: I love, love, LOVE our road trips to Michigan. But this will be our first time making the trip from NC after many years of driving there from Colorado. From Denver, it's a straight shot up I-76 to I-80 and then most of the 2 long days of driving is on flat, basically challenge-free I-80 crossing Nebraska, Iowa and Illinois, with a couple of very simple, you'd-have-to-be-asleep-not-to-make-them road changes thereafter.

What I can see from Google and AAA maps and directions is that there are a LOT of road changes between Raleigh and our destination and the only sizeable stretch on the same road is just 213  miles--the West Virginia Turnpike--gorgeous, but not your mindless driving situation. Besides that, it just looks like lots and lots of 12-mile and 16-mile and 30-mile segments requiring a great deal of focus.

One thing I have absolutely adored about our trips is the lighthearted fun we've been able to have, bascially zoning out and just enjoying cruising along without having to be concerned with getting lost or sidetracked. So, my mind, goaded by the Difficult World Dictator, frames this upcoming trip as potentially problem-filled and jumps to a solution: MUST HAVE A GPS.

A GPS is not in our budget. And we don't do that many road trips, so buying one for this one trip just doesn't seem like a wise use of funds in any case. So, after spending more than an hour researching affordable GPS options, I came to the conclusion that if I need a GPS, Easy World will have to come up with one without me wasting any more time or energy on it.

Then, while filling out the section in my daybook the next a.m. that calls for "A blessing I'm willing to allow Easy World to provide in Divine Timing, including how I'll celebrate when it shows up in my experience," I found myself writing, "A fun and easy trip. I'll celebrate by feeling light-hearted and happy! I'll create it by feeling light-hearted and happy!" It felt so great to write that--I could feel the high-vibe, Easy World energy in it.

And then it struck me. The desire, which has already been provided for in Easy World, isn't a GPS at all--it's fun and ease, feeling light-hearted and happy. The want is the GPS. I don't have to have a GPS to experience ease, have fun and feel light-hearted and happy! I just need to be in Easy World and let Spirit be my GPS!

I know that if a physical GPS is what my Spirit determines to be in alignment with supporting feeling light-hearted and happy, that's just what will show up for me effortlessly. But GPS or no, I still get to be in Easy World, feeling light hearted and happy and having a fun trip!

I can't think of a better, more accurate GPS than Spirit, who gets all the route-altering updates without having to synch anything with a computer and delivers them at just the perfect time!

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Cynthia Spiece said:


Julia Author Profile Page said:

Thanks for stopping by, Cynthia, and adding your agreement!

Today at lunch, a friend offered to loan me her GPS...:)

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