A dynamic day

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What a day! It began with another email from the friend I wrote about last time who had pushed my “ow-y” buttons. This morning’s message brought severe criticism and accusation, cloaked in the guise of “spiritual advice.” Happily, while it didn’t feel particularly great, I did not allow the words to wound me as they might have because when I read them, I was still buzzing with energy from the night before (which I’ll explain in the next paragraph) and so was able to see them with proper perspective, and I recognized the issues he was dwelling on were as much or more his than mine. I am, of course, more than willing to do the necessary open-hearted soul-searching to see what my contribution to this was, why I drew it to me, and already probing it all to see what the gift in it is. The harsh and highly judgmental way he presented it, however, made it so clear that he was not, indeed, coming from the aspects of himself that I would be willing to engage with or take any advice from! I did let him know that it wouldn’t be productive to continue the conversation right now. Anytime something devolves into what amounts to mind games—no matter how spiritually cloaked—it’s time to back off and if there is more conversation to be had, to do so when both parties are coming from a cleaner, clearer place.

It was a real blessing that I had spent the late afternoon and evening yesterday doing a booksigning and talk in Manitou Springs. It was at Vision Quest Healing Field Books and Clinic. What a special place! The energy is beautiful and Richard and Cynthia who own it are such lovely beings. I really enjoyed giving my talk and afterward the few that had come stayed for another hour discussing the book and what I had shared. Lots of affirmation about my message and my mission being right on target. It was as if my Spirit was saying “Julia! Listen to me and the affirmations I’m showering on you--not to someone contradicting what I’m telling you!” It was a delight to partake of such an authentic, open-hearted, loving exchange and I left excited about today when I knew we’d be able to continue the lovely connection in the afternoon in the workshop I offered.

The workshop was powerful, with the same small group from my talk, and I believe it was made so in large part because we were all openhearted and had established such a strong connection the night before, which expedited things since we had already gotten the initial energy-blending out of the way. When the workshop (4 hours) ended, everyone hung around and there was talk of staying together and going out to eat, etc., and I was torn because it felt so wonderful to be together, but I was pretty fried and just needed to go on and drive the 90 minutes home, spend time with Rick before he hit the hay, and mellow out. So that’s what I did.

There were some really cool “signs and wonders” today but I’m too wiped out to write about them now. Suffice to say that Spirit went out of “her” way to show me I am loved and on the right track!

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