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Awfully glad I didn't commit to blogging daily!

After Saturday's workshop, I have taken a couple of days to rest and get re-focused. I must say that the nitty-gritty issues of book promotion, etc., are not quite as much fun as actually being with people and sharing energy and ideas! I'm having the same challenges I've always had--balancing the energy of doing what I love to do with setting up further opportunities to do what I love to do. Another biggy for me is having to get myself psyched up to do stuff I'm not naturally excited about! I think every report card I ever got said the same basic thing, "Julie is a dedicated student in subjects that interest her, and mediocre in those that don't. She needs to learn to apply herself in those areas."

This whole topic brings up an essential quandary for me. I truly believe that we can trust that our passion is an indicator of that which is consonant with purpose and that into which we can rightly pour Life Force. It has certainly seemed to be a pretty accurate gauge in my experience. BUT, along with the grand passion, there always seems to be a lot of attendant details that have to be handled--details that engender little or no passion! I do wonder if it is necessary to just bite the bullet and do those things, or if you are truly, 100% committed and totally passionate about the things that are yours to pour your energy into, and don't entertain mundane notions of having to do stuff that doesn't turn you on, will the universe provide you with other people whose passion it is to handle those details??? Does it depend on soul development--what you may need to round yourself out? Or is it simply a function of belief?

I will ponder this as I am not at all feeling passionate about a whole list of things that need to be done!


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