Breakthrough time

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I’ve had some breakthroughs over the last few days—some “aha!” moments—and feel very pleased about that. Though none of this was totally new in concept to me, it was simply that the thoughts made that magical journey from intellectual ideas to real knowing. Integrating the new understandings and acting out of them is the task now and so far, it’s going pretty well!

The angry friend from the previous posts is to thank for much of the new insight—not because of what he said, but because the way he said it was so off-putting, I was easily able to see that staying involved would be soul-damaging and counterproductive, it allowed me to detach from the whole scenario, look at the aspects of myself that created it, and then just let it all go instead of getting bogged down in it. His harsh approach to me turned out to be a gift as I was able to simply say, “No! No more. I will not engage in “spiritual” mind games.” If someone doesn’t get what I’m about, okay. No amount of arguing will change that! Only Love will, if it’s meant to be changed, and it’s hard to stay immersed in a consciousness of Love when the ego wants to protect, defend, and be right. It’s so important to honor the path of another, regardless of our opinion of it!

On a mundane note, I made a LOT of spaghetti sauce today and a couple of big pans of lasagna. It was the first time I had made lasagna with brown rice lasagna noodles and it turned out wonderfully well. The girls (my stepdaughters) loved it and said they couldn’t tell it wasn’t “regular.” It feels good to have at least 5 new meals in the freezer and the leftovers from tonight’s dinner to look forward to for lunch tomorrow…

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