No Carole King

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"23","No Carole King","Today around noon we had a Kerry volunteer come to our door and she told us that Carole King would be playing a free concert about a mile from our house. We'd gotten an automated call from C.K. inviting us to a rally/volunteer meeting not far from our house, so this seemed entirely plausible. While I'd planned to be a vegetable most of the day, that was enough to motivate me to snap into action and get dressed. Well...when we got to the place, there was a Democratic Party gathering (a couple of tables set up and some lawn signs to be had, etc.) and a band--but not Carole King and not much of a crowd. So we left and went to Rick's office where he needed to change a backup tape and then went back to see if C.K. was there yet. Nope. They were out of Kerry-Edwards campaign buttons, too.

BUT, we did reconnect with a guy whom we had met last winter at a John Edwards Meetup. He is from Raleigh and is living in Denver now. Turns out he's been quite busy--he was tapped to drive Edwards' staffers around a couple of times when they've been here on campaign stops and is now apparently involved as a local organizer in the Kerry campaign. He was quite busy and darting here and there in his "official" capacity so at one point in our conversation when he abruptly left to take care of something, we went into the store (this was in the Safeway parking lot) and picked up some things we needed and headed home. Once home, we discovered he had called and left a message saying he was sorry we left without him getting to say goodbye. I will email him--I mean, how many Raleigh folks living in Southeast Denver could there be? It would be nice to maintain at least a loose connection. Hopefully, he'll be assigning us to drive people to the polls on Nov. 2. We volunteered since we have a mini-van.

Just realized that I totally did not think to ask him if Carole King had been there!

I had yet another intellectual understanding go "ka-chunk" yesterday and and become a part of my modus operandi. It feels so wonderful to "own" this piece of the puzzle. I'm feeling quite authentically empowered because of it, and am eager to see how it will affect what I can create as I integrate it more fully into my daily way of interfacing with life.

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