Facing the unknown

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Was all uptight the last few days about getting my database together to mail out the newsletter. Because I didn’t really understand how to do it, tension set in. You know, that underlying feeling of discomfort you have when facing the unknown, knowing you have to do something you’ve never done before. Even knowing that I am married to a computer wiz, I let my apprehension get to me. Silly. Very silly. Rick exported my address book to Excel in about 30 seconds, and I cleaned up the list to be sure (as sure as possible) that no one who wouldn’t appreciate it would receive Rising Times (name of the n.l.), added a few email addresses that I had collected from people in various places that were interested in Recreating Eden and me, and voila! In about a half an hour, the mailing list is ready. Sheesh. All that worry for that???

What the heck is it about human beings that makes them so worried about the unknown? About doing things they’ve never done before? Always worrying they’re not up to the task if they’ve never done it before? I KNOW! It is the ego, recognizing that it is not omniscient, and, furthermore, forgetting that there is, not only an omniscient aspect of us, but an omnipotent aspect as well! How much less stress-filled would life be if we would take it easy and trust that whatever needs to be done will easily get done because Spirit will handle it and either show us how to do it or send someone to do it for us if we allow that as a reality? How much more joyful could we be if we did not always have that nagging worry that we are not enough to get done what needs to get done; if we had the peace and confidence of expecting Spirit to come through for us in small matters as well as large? And without having to get desperate first?

Of course, I realize that everyone does not have a computer wiz living in the house with them, but everyone does have the capability to easily manifest the help they need by believing it to be so. When I was so sick many years ago in Japan, an anonymous angel put issue after issue of Guideposts Magazine in my mailbox and it was a lifeline for me. It was full of superb stories of faith—of Spirit coming through for people when they just had faith.

The energy we invest in our ego’s fears; in thinking that they, incompetent as they are at so many tasks that Spirit can so easily handle, might somehow fail, is substantial. What might we accomplish if we just stopped worrying and started trusting completely? When you really think about it, dancing to the ego’s tune can not only make you crazy, it turns you into an underachiever!

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