The language of duality

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Well, the conversation continued today with the friend who had some issues with my election article, and it got me thinking about the challenge of trying to communicate anything without using any judgment-oriented words—to have a completely judgment-free conversation in the duality zone in which we live! While at first, it seems a noble aspiration, it is, on further examination, quite impossible! My dear (and brilliant) husband, Rick, pointed out to me that when it is possible to have a completely, 100% judgment-free conversation, it will mean we are back in Eden and out of duality.

My definition of “judgment” is pretty broad—what I mean by judgment is descriptions of things relative to other things, not just obvious moral indictments like “good/bad.” Superlatives, for example, like “higher/lower,” “faster/slower,” “lighter/darker” are perfect judgment vehicles! What comes to mind are the standard wedding vows, “For better or for worse, for richer or for poorer.” We hope for better, and for richer, don’t we? But what do “better” and “richer” do but set us up to judge our circumstances accordingly? Our entire language, descriptive of the concepts of our culture and the very matrix in which we currently dwell, is built on opposites. On comparison. On judgment.

Even things that don’t intrinsically imply judgment can be employed in our judgments, like light and dark, high and low, increase and decrease, and, in this election year, even right and left are utilized in our judgments! What I am learning is that even when you intend no judgment, someone else can perceive judgment in your words based on prejudices they have about the words you use. It’s a challenge to speak in terms that are totally neutral and still convey a concept as our language is so loaded!

I believe the best we can do (notice that “best” is a judgment!) is do all we can to choose to communicate in as neutral terms as possible and keep the intent of unity and oneness-consciousness at the forefront of our minds as we select our words (without going bonkers doing it!). As we do so, and as we radiate Love (which requires no language) we will rise in frequency and leave the realm of duality, and its loaded language behind.


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