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Tonight was the lunar eclipse. Tonight the Red Sox defied "the curse" and won the World Series. Tonight I realized how oddly fortunate we are to be able to watch the polarity play we call the U.S. Presidential Election.

I have spent a lot of time bemoaning the symptoms of polarization that have surfaced as a result of duality working itself out, but tonight I had a different vision--I realized how perfect it all is. I'd had that intellectual realization before, but it really sunk in this evening. Yes, one has to look at things from a higher perspective to view it this way, but if you look at it all as being a necessary dynamic--if you see it as something that has to happen before we are able to cycle back to greater harmony and Oneness, a case can be made for celebrating the extreme polarity that is so evident. Perhaps it's a sign that things are resolving. Not a comfortable sign, but a sign nonetheless. As I wrote in Recreating Eden, maybe duality is an experiment the Creator devised to see just how misaligned and how far away from the core of Itself Its constituent parts could move before they were catapulted back to center.

Of course, nowhere is the high contrast of duality easier to see in all its "glory" than in the current election season. And perhaps in no other situation is it more tempting to participate in duality--to invest your passion in it. It is quite the challenge not to view the whole thing as a struggle of good vs. evil. But the truth is, to climb up out of the duality matrix, a new view is required: the players are actually neither “good” nor “evil” but they are all just God, personifying varying manifestations—indeed, in some cases, extremes—of duality according to the script. Even as I write that and know it is true, I feel my “righteous” anger at the smears and slander, the lies being told, and the plots, both unconscious and conscious, to undermine democracy, and yet I know that my anger, no matter how righteous, feeds the beast and causes polarity to intensify. And while extreme polarity may be a necessary outworking, I don’t feel it is right for me to feed it. So I do my best to watch this play with an awareness that my role, because of my awareness of it, is to simply observe with great interest, but deny the urge to buy into the notion that things have gone very wrong. Because while something is very wrong at one level, at the highest level, all is in Divine Order. And it is fascinating, indeed. What a show!

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