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This evening I got my first angry letter from someone I don't know. I guess you're having an effect when the "hate mail" starts!

Oddly, it has shaken me far less than I would have expected. It was in response to the Election 2004 article I put in the newsletter. While a particular political leaning was not stated per se, I'm extrapolating from what the letter said that the writer of it is a supporter of the Bush Administration.

Of course, "little me" is unhappy that someone yelled at me and accused me of being a fear-monger. But my Self tells me that all is well and to rise above. As always, I will scour my consciousness to see if I have done something not aligned with higher purpose. Obviously, I am not yet flawless, but my motives are true and I am checking in constantly for correction from my Spirit, so that's all I know how to do. Beyond that, I trust that the issues others bring to me are, first and foremost, their own and while I own my part in creating any response, I certainly won't own more than what is truly mine! I feel oddly peaceful about it.

Today (it is very early morning on Election Day), the course of the next four years and beyond are to be decided. I pray that Love, Harmony, and a trend toward healing prevail. I pray, too, that the process will be honest, peaceful, smooth, decisive and reflect the truest and highest desires of not only the citizens of this country, but the citizens of Planet Earth.

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