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The new audio is on the homepage now. Tony (our webmaster) did a wonderful job with it. He is great to work with in general! Now, to get the tape of my talk at the New Directions church service to put on the web. I need to remember to call Rebecca!

I made yet another visit to the chiropractor today—my third in a week. I’m having a strange upper back problem—it feels like there is a hatchet buried between my shoulder blades! And there is a lot of muscle tension from it. That is an improvement—last week, I not only had that, but my atlas and axis were out, as well as my hip. So things are getting better. But I’ve never had such a stubborn problem as the “hatchet” in my back! As I recall, Louise Hay says that upper back issues are related to a feeling of not having emotional support. I will have to chew on that awhile. I have wonderful emotional support from Rick.

Often, though, I feel that what I am sharing with people in general is not being received--or if it is, perhaps not accepted. I don't know if that could be it, but it's something I've been feeling more acutely these days. For example, I’m on a natural healing email list and I often share my perspective of things—a perspective based on the Unified Field (Divine Design for Harmony and Wholeness), and frequently either get no response or a response that indicates that they are just not able to see what I see—which is perfectly okay--but frustrating to me! A few days ago, however, I advised someone at her wit’s end to call on God to provide her what she needed (not that she couldn’t have thought of that herself, but she was in one of those states where she was not able to think clearly and needed reminding), and I was pretty sure (paranoid!) that she probably blew off what I said. Today, however, she confirmed that she had done as I suggested and that she had gotten exactly what she needed. The fun part for me is that, in my advice to her, I had named three of the infinite ways God might find to provide her with what she needed, and one of the three ways IS how it manifested! That made me feel a little less like I was not being heard—it was nice having a confirmation from the person, but more gratifying was that little “wink” from Spirit!

Yes—I definitely have issues around being “heard.” I believe one of my greatest lessons must be about being true to what Spirit is moving you to do, regardless of any feedback or lack thereof. This is not a popularity contest! You have to do what you are guided to do without worrying about what effect you’re having. It is, however, an interesting challenge to write in this blog week after week and not really know who—if anyone—is reading it. And if they are, are they thinking, “Why doesn’t she talk about important stuff? I don’t want to hear what she fixed for Thanksgiving!” Or, “Why does she pontificate so much?” I guess, though, you just never know who will relate with what. If it’s what is coming up for me to say, that must be what I am to share! At any rate, I need to change some more beliefs (I've already worked on this) about being heard.

And, as always, there is so much more I could write right now, but I need to go on to bed. It’s a balmy 7 degrees outside and supposed to go down to 3 before morning. I pray that nobody has been thoughtless enough to leave their dog outside in this cold. As for my pups, they’ll be under the covers keeping my feet warm! I'm grateful for our furnace and my furry friends.

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