Thanksgiving weekend

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And another Thanksgiving weekend draws to a close. It’s been a peaceful one for Rick and me. Wednesday night, three out of four of my stepdaughters came over (the youngest had a stomach bug so she didn’t come) and though one of them had to hurry off to a rock-climbing competition (indoors), it was great to have them all under one roof for a few minutes anyway! Getting all those teenage girls over here at once is like herding cats. Imagine my chagrin when, the night I got back from my last trip, all four had been here a couple of hours before I arrived and I missed it! Oh, well. Lightning is bound to strike again at some point!

Thursday was pretty relaxed—had the usual crazy phone call to my sister’s house in Raleigh—she’s Thanksgiving central for the family, and as always, the phone got passed around and I was able to talk to everyone briefly. It was so raucous, most stepped outside to talk because the crowd—17, I think—was so loud. I miss my family, but not sure I am really too sorry not to be in the middle of the jolly chaos! I fixed Cornish hens for Rick and me, along with lots of yummy side dishes like shitake and oyster mushroom turkey sausage dressing, pureed celery root, endive with gorgonzola, walnuts and balsamic vinaigrette, and haricot verts—and we over-ate AGAIN. I wonder when that lesson will sink in??? I have never been deprived of food in my life, I cook really superb meals most every day, and yet I eat like it might be my last chance. Hmmm… That is something I will work with once I learn the Theta Healing techniques.

Friday, I recorded an audio piece for the website, something I’ve been meaning to do for months. It’s an introduction to the concept of recreating Eden, and it’s more than what is written on the homepage. It’s a little over three and a half minutes long. Some people will be willing to listen that long and some won’t, but it seemed important to say all that I did. I really, really would like a more powerful, more melodious voice, and the recording would probably sound better if I kept doing it over and over to perfection, but this will have to do. As it was, it took me all afternoon! There will be a button for it on the homepage in a day or two.

Saturday, I spent quite a lot of time doing small things that didn’t add up to a major accomplishment--exercised, watched some cooking shows, emailed, surfed the web, bought a gift online for my brother-in-law's and his partner's birthdays, read some, cooked dinner, etc.--but managed to fill the day. Rick and I had a lovely evening playing Scrabble--and miraculously, I won! I also finished reading Vianna’s second book, Go Up And Work With God. With all due respect, I already see parts of the process that I will change based on my perspective. Not huge changes—maybe not substantive changes, but wording changes, for sure, and some others as well. I am eager to take the class, which is next weekend, as reading the book left me with some procedural questions that I will need to have answered. What I like about it so far is that she teaches that you command God to heal. That may sound pretty uppity, but I see God as All That Is, and I’ve been commanding Universal Forces (definitely aspects of God) with great success—when I’ve been in the right state of mind. I still have my begging and pleading moments “I am a victim of God” moments, but the most amazing stuff seems to happen when I am firm and commanding. I have some great stories about that and at some point, I’ll share them!

Today, Sunday, I got up very late (was up before dawn and had a hard time getting back to sleep--but once I did, I didn't want to get up!) and after a leisurely brunch with a background of Manhattan Transfer Christmas music and a lovely, fluffy snowfall to set the mood (I love that about Colorado!), I snapped into action and started decorating for Christmas. It’s kind of early, but I have figured out that it’s too big a job to do for less than a month—I pretty much redecorate several rooms completely, except for furniture. So I’ve started decorating earlier! We won’t get a tree till later, however, as here in this very dry climate, they are crispy pretty soon after you bring them in the house. I do so love my Christmas decorations! I love creating environments and any chance I get to make things beautiful, I am a happy, happy girl.

I emailed Matty (the famous Matty of the previous blog entry) last night, but haven’t heard back from her yet. I decided she needed to read Recreating Eden and sent her a copy via their webmaster with whom I’ve exchanged a few emails. She doesn’t have a mailing address right now as she’s moving around a lot. He’s expecting to see her in Sedona soon and pledged to take it to her. I told him he should feel free to enjoy it in the meantime!

Well—I’ve got some more decorating to do before I go to bed, so I’ll sign off for now!

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