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I'm reading a really neat book called The Lineage of the Codes of Light by Jessie Ayani that I bought on my last N.C. trip. Mike Love, owner of Phoenix Rising in Charlotte, recommended it and I confess that I half bought it out of appreciation for Mike and the wonderful environment he provided for my workshop instead of because I was drawn to it. But as it turns out, it was exactly the right book for now! (Yet another example of Spirit doing whatever it takes to get you where you need to go, even if it’s working through your personality to buy something out of a sense of loyalty!)

It’s written as fiction, but the author implies that it may not be fiction at all. It matters not to me as the book is POWERFUL and full of truth. I looked up the customer reviews of it on Amazon.com and one woman says that she really tried to read it but the terrible writing was just too off-putting. Huh? I am probably as picky as anyone when it comes to getting hung up on bad writing, but, while the author is unlikely to win a prize for the craft of writing, it is well-written enough that the writing is transparent and doesn’t get in the way of the story. Believe me—if it were awful writing, I would not be enthralled with the book! The person who wrote that was just not ready for the energy experience of reading it. At least that’s what I believe—and Rick said the same thing. (He is next in line to read The Lineage of the Codes of Light!)

I’ve been reading it in small “bites”—I have been enjoying it while riding the stationary recumbent bike. It feels right to exercise while reading it as I can feel it working energetically on me, and moving while reading it seems to be helping me integrate the energy easily. I can imagine that I’ll pig out on it at some point and just read with abandon, but for now, exercising while reading it not only helps with the integration process, it is incentive to exercise! Not to mention, the time really flies when you’re reading a book that fascinates you.

It's interesting to be allowed to read again. During the 7-8 years of writing I did on Recreating Eden, my Spirit did not allow me to read the works of others except for topics that had nothing directly to do with ascension, creating Heaven on Earth, or spiritual growth principles. Apparently, I was supposed to keep my mind free of other people's concepts and "download" my material directly from Higher Wisdom. It's kind of funny now to be reading things that others have written that are saying much the same things as I wrote in the book--and thought I was "making up." Apparently, many other folks were "making up" the same stuff! It's all there in Universal Mind for us to retrieve and apparently, lots of us were working in the same section of One Mind! Of course, that brings my ego into it--there is a part of me that is very pleased to have written such a simple, direct, yet potent book--and there's a part that is in awe of someone like Jessie Ayani who has been able to say many of the same things but woven so richly with imagery, story, and details that I was not given the luxury of. I am clear, however, that my very assignment was to write Recreating Eden to be as succinct and as condensed as possible, while delivering an energy packet of considerable potency. Fortunately, Great Spirit has a lot of styles to call on in getting the message across and the energy delivered!

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