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I think I have found what I was seeking! After hearing about Vianna Stibal’s Theta Healing and DNA Activation technique from a healer friend, and then running across it while doing a Google search for something else, I started seriously looking into it. My first hope was to take a class with Vianna herself, but she is not offering her basic class even remotely close to here any time soon as she is teaching all over the world these days. I feel like I need to take it NOW.

So I looked on her site to see which of her certified teachers was offering it in Colorado, and there were three names. One didn’t have a website and she isn’t really nearby anyway, one has a basic class coming up in March but it costs $750 (Vianna herself only charges $450!) and that just didn’t seem like the right thing at this point. The other person is in Lakewood (just across town), but I couldn’t tell a lot from her website as it didn’t have a calendar or prices, so I just let it slide.

Thinking I might just need to read the books and learn on my own, I called Vianna’s office today to order her two books and to ask if there were any classes scheduled that weren’t on the website yet. Just prior to calling, I asked for angelic help in arranging the right situation—preferably, a class that will be held SOON, and close by, and that would be affordable. Since all the classes are, indeed, posted on the site and there wasn’t anything appropriate for my needs, Vianna’s daughter told me she advised that I take a class locally from someone her mother had trained, but didn’t know the Colo. folks and couldn’t recommend one. Wisely, she advised that I call them and see who I clicked with. I admit that I was vaguely bummed since it didn’t seem I had gotten that angelic help!

Sooooo…I called the person in Lakewood and left a message asking if she had any classes coming up soon, and when she returned my call, she said, “Well it just so happens…” Turns out that another person had wanted a class and there wasn’t anyone else available to take it soon enough, so she had agreed to give this person a private class and told me she’d be happy for me to join in. Since the class normally takes 2 weekends, but with only 2 participants, would go much faster, she was planning to do it in one. Since she normally charges $150 per weekend ($300 for the whole class) and we’d be fitting it all into one weekend, she said she’d only be charging $150 for the whole class! AND, it’s planned for December 4th and 5th! AND it’s just across town! I guess that qualifies as close, soon, and affordable! (Next time I’ll ask for “next door, tomorrow, and free”!)

Anyway, I will soon not only know the process, I’ll be able to get my certification to teach! I just feel this is going to open new doors for me. I don’t have expectations about what kinds of doors or where they will lead—it just seems that it’s the right next step.

Something else cool and mysterious happened today. I was looking up information on countertops (we’re looking into updating our 1960 vintage kitchen) and ended up on GardenWeb’s remodeling forum. I came across a message talking about “Full Spectrum” paint, and, out of plain old curiosity, went to the designer’s (Ellen Kennon) website that formulates them. After reading about five words on her site, I burst into tears! Not sad tears and not exactly happy tears, but “there’s powerful energy here that somehow relates to me” tears. I have not had that kind of instant reaction to something I had so little information about before, but it is clear that this is something for me to pay attention to. I was told years ago in a psychic reading that I was a “color master” from many lifetimes. I know for sure I LOVE color in this life—it’s a nutrient for me (and for all of us, I believe). You can tell I'm into color by the book cover I designed for Recreating Eden. I don’t know for sure what my powerful emotional reaction was about, but I’ll be looking further into it! And, of course, I’ll report on it…

I’ve got more to say but I’ve written enough for one entry!

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