I am patient. (An affirmation)

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It’s been a interesting couple of days. Yesterday, as I was trying to ascertain how many of my blog entries Google has picked up, as well which phrases bring up the blog highest in the rankings, I ran a search for a phrase out of each blog entry just to see what I’d find. During one such search—I think the term “duality matrix” was involved—I came across an interesting website operated by some folks who are promoting a new interpretation of the Mayan calendar. That got my attention as I have always been drawn to that. In fact, I had a really cool, goosebump experience once upon a time 8 or 9 years ago when I was daydreaming of leading workshops in the Yucatan. I suddenly felt an urge to go into a different room (in someone else’s house where I was staying) and look behind the sofa. (And yes, I thought that was a little odd, but followed the guidance anyway!) There, wedged between the back of the sofa and the wall was a rubbing of a Mayan calendar that had somehow fallen behind the sofa! Anyway, I digress…

Included on the aforementioned site is the online journal/blog of a woman named Madaline Weber, a.k.a. “Matty,” who has been instrumental in getting the calendar work out to the world, and who had been traveling with Ian Lungold, the guy who teaches about this new interpretation. I got totally sucked into the story of their adventures of traveling from Sedona to British Columbia in a motor home that was constantly breaking down, and subsequent adventures in following her Spirit, I was most impressed with her amazing attitude through it all. I started reading her blog in the early afternoon, got interrupted by my trip to the chiropractor and health food store and then by preparing dinner, etc., but as soon as I could clear a space, took back up reading it after Rick went to bed. It was 1:30 a.m. by the time I finished reading the last entry she has put on the web which was dated about a week ago. (That’s why my own blog didn’t get an entry yesterday!) I just loved reading it--really, it's like being with her--because she is so open and clear and committed to letting her Spirit/Love guide her life. I felt such kinship with her and she reminded me a bit of myself except that she was a MUCH better sport during all the motorhome breakdowns, less-than-comfy sleeping arrangements, etc., than I would have been.

I highly recommend Matty’s journal as a wonderful example of adventuring with your Spirit (funny--her dog is named "Spirit") and a testament to living your faith, but just beware that it is addicting!!! (I hope she hurries up and posts some more!)

Speaking of patience—okay, so I wasn’t speaking of patience—with all the new input coming my way (cool books I want to read, addicting blogs, new understandings, new stuff I’m curious about, etc., etc.), I feel so eager to take it all in and yet, there is something internal that seems to be restricting me. For example, I received Vianna’s books in the mail yesterday before my chiropractic appt., and took the first one with me in hopes of diving in while I was there. I was ushered back to a room they don’t usually put me in, and given a heat pack for my back to loosen me up. This room, which is on the 6th floor, has a wall of plate glass windows overlooking a park with a view of the mountains beyond. I picked up the book and started to read but within a few seconds, my eyes started burning and got blurry. So I looked out the window and my eyes were fine. I tried again to read the book and the same thing happened. I finally heard the message that I was being tooooooooo impatient to dive into things, and not doing an effective job of staying in the moment, hurrying as I was from one piece of mind candy to the next. I was told to “add another ‘a’ to impatient.” I said, “Huh???” and then I heard, “If you add an ‘a’ in the right place to ‘impatient,’ it becomes, ‘Iampatient' (‘I am patient).’” You have to love guidance with a sense of humor and a bit of the smart alec, too.

I was then instructed to forget about reading and to just breathe and enjoy the warmth of the heat on my back and the wonderful view out the window. I was also told to look up and to the right. Again, “Huh?” I figured I was about to see something exciting, but, no—after a few minutes, nothing extraordinary had come into view. It was then that I realized that I was told to look up and to the right because my neck needed to be in that position as that’s the position that hurt the least! (My neck was drastically out of alignment and had been giving me a headache for days. Yeah, I know—why did I wait so long to go see the doc?) I had to laugh! There I had been thinking something remarkable was about to happen and all it was was a pointer on what would make me more comfortable. Which, in it's own way, is remarkable. Huh?

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Rick said:

This entry reminds me of two amazing things about the spirit within us: Spirit has the level of patience necessary to deal successfully with beings as frustrating as we can be. As often as we choose to be blind to the message, the message is always there until we agree to receive it. In my alternate life as an office worker, one who is in a position where helping others is why they pay me, I easily recognize how that level of patience is not just amazing, it is a miracle. No judgment or irritation, just pure, unadulterated patience.
Spirit is also all about Love: “Love” capitalized because it is an entity to itself and not conditional in any way; Love enveloping, Love being the food our souls crave. It is through the blessing of that Love, the very medium in which the universe was birthed, that we are guided. And, it is the source of the kind of patience we could all do well to replicate!

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