"Vision-ary" encounter"

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And the surprises and delights continue! (Sorry for the lousy title pun!) I had a yearly eye exam today and had the random thought before going "Wouldn't it be fun for somebody who works at the eye clinic to want to buy Recreating Eden?" I probably don't even have to tell you that that's exactly what happened!

The nurse or assistant--not sure what she's called--and I clicked. Without telling the whole thing (too tired to do that right now!), we bonded around the fact that we're both the babies of our respective families and experience devolving to some degree whenever we are around our families of origin. (Not that that's exactly rare NOR something that is entirely connected to birth order!) I mentioned that I had just been in N.C. with my family after having been "priestess and teacher" and how rapidly I reverted, to some degree, to a semblance of my same old role in the family just a few hours afterward when I went to my mom's and dad's house. She could relate. We discussed this for a bit, with me inserting my newest pet theory on the subject: We create such strong energy templates with our nuclear family after years and years and those patterns don't just go away spontaneously! Sometimes I feel that if were speaking higher truth and Jesus were standing right next to me confirming everything I was saying, my sisters couldn't fully honor what I was saying just based on our habitual energy pattern. That said, it is such a pleasure to me to relate with my sisters now that my book is out there and they have a better sense where I'm coming from! I'm sure the patterns I'm referring to can be transformed through intention. And, as I told my new buddy at the eye clinic, when we do what is necessary to feel authentically empowered in our own skin, that which appears to be external to us will change as well...

So anyway, she dilated my eyes and told me to "sit back and restore my aura" or something to that effect and I knew she was kin! That's when I knew we could go a little deeper with the conversation. So we did. She decided she wanted a copy of the book and gave me cash. I just so happened to have a case of books in the car so went out and got her a book and signed it. She seemed quite happy and excited to get it!

I'm exploring some options for learning some healing techniques that really interest me. I've been feeling the powerful pull to do healing work again and I'd love to expand my repertoire. I have the feeling that there is something highly potent just around the bend that's going to supercharge my work. Now it's just a matter of intending, then relaxing and trusting and following the energy...as always!

One of my workshop attendees sent me an email letter today with the account of a pretty amazing sequence of events she experienced/created, due to connecting more perfectly with her Spirit, which was catalyzed by reading Recreating Eden. It is such a thrill to see that my work is having a powerful effect! (My ego is the part that needs confirmation, of course!) Obviously, it's God In Her that is having the real effect, but apparently my words helped and I am so appreciative to have the chance to see that they have done so!



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