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What a fun day! First, it was snowing when I got up—beautiful, fluffy snow coming down at the perfect pace. Next, my quartz crystal singing bowl arrived that I had ordered the day after Christmas. More about it in a bit. Then, I got a call from a publicist/reviewer that I’d sent Recreating Eden to and he said he’d just finished the book and how wonderful it was and that I needed to write more, more, more as my writing style was so appealing and my message so important (now you know I loved that!)!

And, remember my telling you back in November about the experience of bursting into tears when I visited Ellen Kennon’s website—the one who formulates Full Spectrum Paints? I never did get around to writing her—just wasn’t sure what I wanted to say—but today a message from her “magically” showed up in my inbox! She had been checking her webstats and found that I had mentioned her on my blog and linked to her and wanted to connect with me! Said Recreating Eden seemed to be right up her alley, too, and that she wanted to read it as well as spend more time on recreating-eden.com. We had a lovely exchange of several emails back and forth, and while I still don’t know the ultimate scope of the connection, it’s obvious that one aspect is that she is a lovely, high-frequency being! She says she does prayers and visualizations that everyone that comes in contact with her paints is joyful and balanced. How cool is that? You should read all the raves on the GardenWeb home decorating forum about Ellen’s paints—there are practically worshipers! And apparently, I’m not the only one who has had a powerful feeling of connection with her through her website—but she says I’m the first one who has admitted to bursting into tears! We arranged a barter so that I could get her paint swatches and she could have my book. I can hardly WAIT to see those paints!!! Guess I’ll grab some Kleenexes before I open the package in case they render me hysterical…

Two of the kids came over tonight for dinner and to hang out and we had a lovely time, as usual. Also, as I exercised this afternoon, I read some in The Reluctant Shaman : A Woman's First Encounters with the Unseen Spirits of the Earth by Kay Cordell Whitaker. I’m loving this book!

Back to the singing crystal bowl. It was only 9 degrees out when I discovered it had been delivered to the front porch and it must have been there for awhile so I unpacked it and let it come to room temp before I tried it out. It’s the COOLEST thing! So healing. I have wanted one for SO long and just never manifested one. Well it was time. I haven’t meditated with it yet, but I played it awhile ago and really let the sound waves move through me and it was wonderful. I could still feel my body buzzing with energy from it when I came back into my office and sat down at the computer a couple of minutes after the sound had stopped. I suspect there will ultimately be more than one of those bowls in my future! Oh and my 12-going-on-13-year-old stepdaughter really liked playing it. I introduced her to it and showed her how to play it and a half-hour or so later, when she had moved into another room to work on her homework, she got up, went in the living room, and sounded the bowl. I said, “Having fun?” and she said, “I just wanted to feel the vibrations again.” I smiled. Those girls may not live with us but they soak in stuff. Smile.

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Rick said:

This piece and the one just prior where Julia asks, ""who wants to play with Rick and me and make magic?"" bring to mind how vital the entire realm of ""play"" is to what we are about, here.
My extended family has taken to exchanging names to determine who gives presents to whom because we are a large enough group that everyone giving a gift to everyone was no longer practical.
This year, my mom drew my name. She asked me for weeks for an idea or hint, and I was stumped. Then, while perusing a Sharper Image catalog only a few days before Christmas, I came upon the perfect choice: an air-powered hover puck. It is a small, circular object about 8 inches across that uses a blower to hover slightly above hard surfaces. Now, I’m 50 years old, and few people would understand this choice I had made that I passed along to my mom. She, though, got it almost instantly.
We have Christmas most often at my sister’s house, which is a marvelous place to have such a gathering. It is beautiful, very large, and provides lots of little spaces where smaller groups can chat as the celebration plays out. We open presents in the living room, and the entry to the house leads right to it. That entry has a marble floor and is quite spacious, so it worked perfectly as the first place to try out my new hover puck.
While I got some funny looks when I opened the gift and expressed my delight, everyone suddenly understood as we took turns gently shoving the hover puck with our feet over that smooth marble floor. It has a ring of rubber padding around the outside so it causes no damage when it runs into furniture or walls but just rebounds off of them, which meant even the most cautious took a swipe or two at the puck as it approached, magically floating on that thin layer of air.
The simple joy I saw in the faces around me for those few minutes that we played before the battery ran down in the puck is just the place we seek to be more frequently. It is important to note that this joy space is exactly where you are when you raise your frequency as Julia describes in Recreating Eden. It is the place of creation, of manifestation, and of magic, pure and simple. It is where we play!
As I was remembering that joy my family shared Christmas Eve morning, it struck me that being filled with joy is not just fun, it is incredibly powerful. It is the cure for what ails the world today because it is a place where we can focus on raising all of Mother Earth and her inhabitants out of the turmoil that duality fosters. Peace is not brought about by beating your enemies into submission. Peace comes from abandoning duality, from leaving the “solutions” behind that offer anything except the embracing of all by all, from rising out of the muck and into joy; peace, my brothers and sisters, is the natural state we were born to live in, just as joy is the predominant emotion we were born to experience.
Please feel free to stop by and join me in the fascination and fun of playing with the hover puck! It can lead to some interesting thoughts, I assure you.

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