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I know I’m supposed to blog tonight, but I’m having trouble figuring out what to say. So…I’ll tell you of a few of the thoughts I had today. In fact, I took notes on them, and I’ll just transcribe some of the notes here.

It is crucial that we train our left brains to observe what is going on within us so that when we notice ourselves operating at lower frequency, we can make the conscious decision to seek alignment. It is also vital that we establish a protocol for our conscious minds to follow when we realize realignment is needed since you are not at your point of highest wisdom in that case—being in your highest wisdom requires being in alignment! (Have you ever noticed that when you need it the most, it seems that all the Truth you ever had a grasp of eludes you? That’s because in cases where you need it the most, you’ve dropped in frequency and are misaligned, therefore, access to God Mind is not available!) For example, for situations when you are at that point of fog over what to do to get back to higher frequency, it will help to have a list of steps to take such as surrender to Spirit (which is obviously the primary action always, and will do the trick most times), check to see if there are blockages that are ready to be cleared, put on frequency-raising music, use frequency-raising essential oils, etc. (Check out my instant frequency boosters in Rising Times for other ideas.)

Healing the disconnect between our brain and our emotions so that we can be aware of our feelings as guides on the path Home is vital. Our left brains must become keen observers of our emotional states so that we can make corrections immediately, i.e.: when you notice that you are feeling sad, you can take steps to clear the sadness through emotional release, thus freeing up your energy flow to raise your frequency back to the level at which you experience Joy. When you notice that you are feeling angry, you can identify that your ego is in charge and creating an experience of separation, etc. and then do what is necessary to get your ego out of it, release the anger so that you can find unity again, and thus your frequency is raised.

That's it for now!

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