Unconditional Joy

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I got a call today from Ellen Kennon, who said she was SO excited, she just had to get on the phone with me instead of emailing. It’s too soon to divulge the details of the cool stuff that she shared with me, as these developments are…um…not fully developed, so they’re not yet for publication, but suffice to say all the evidence seems to show that the Joy weekend in St. Francisville is something you definitely want to consider being a part of—or, shall I say, check in with your guidance to see if you already ARE a part of.

Lots of really cool synchronicities seem to be saying that this is waaaaaay larger than us, and that there is a plan in place in the vibrational realm for something more than just a beautiful spring weekend in a glorious setting, moving toward Eden by practicing Joy. (As if that were not enough!) That is what my inner guidance also says. What it feels like is some sort of activation—an opportunity for a collective quantum leap. NOT to get all into ego about it, as the truth is, I don’t know for sure what larger purpose our gathering is going to be accomplishing, and it really doesn’t matter, as long as we listen to Spirit and do as we are guided to do moment by moment.

It’s just delightful to watch this whole thing unfold! But, I came to what I believe is a significant realization today. When moving toward unconditional Joy, it’s just as important to hold steady when you see evidence of the outworking of the Divine Design that matches your ego’s ideas of what should be happening, as it is to ignore your ego’s response when you see evidence that would appear to contradict its ideas of what ought to be happening. In other words, basing your Joy on external evidence is as perilous as basing your less-than-Joy on external evidence!

Okay, I know—Joy is Joy is Joy is Joy. It’s all your emotional response to being at the frequency level of your Spirit, and so scarce in this misaligned world, you should take it however you can get it, shouldn’t you? Well yes…but the caveat here is that we need to learn how to stay in Joy without externals taking us out of it, OR without needing externals to put us into it. When we feel authentic Joy under any circumstances, it’s a blessing, however, if we allow ourselves to go manic with Joy when something that seems like a blessing comes along, we will also be prone to drop in frequency when something that seems like an “anti-blessing” comes along. Essentially, what you’re saying is “I’ll only allow myself to feel the Joy of being in the realm of my Spirit when my left brain is convinced that things are going according to its plan.”

Now, I’ll admit that I’m still learning the ropes here on the leading edge of unconditional Joy, but what I’m hearing from Higher Wisdom is that, at this point in our larger process of recreating Eden, the goal is not simply the repetitive achievement of delirious joy, but the achievement of a higher and higher emotional set point. What we really want to do is increase our tolerance for Joy so that we are able to sustain joy no matter what evidence shows up. Of course, the cool part of that is that the more we sustain joy, the more the evidence will match up with our joyful state, which will support even more joy, (not that we’ll need evidence by then) and the less our egos will have any input at all (hallelujah, huh?!).

If this sounds boring—the concept of no manic highs, and no depressive lows, it’s important to understand that once we achieve that at the level of sustained Joy, we will have unlocked the door to such amazing (ego-less) fascinations as cannot even be perceived from this schizophrenic state of being we call life in the duality matrix. I have that on excellent authority. In the meantime, align with Joy however you can, and know that you're headed toward unconditional Joy!

One more thing--Amazon "promoted us" today. Apparently, we've now sold enough books there to warrant them offering a 15% discount on Recreating Eden! While you wouldn't think discounting your book would be desirable, in this case, it means they feel they can make enough money on the book to sell it at less than full retail. Hooray!

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