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The Prime Thought for today (overlighting intention for the day) was “HUGE joy for no apparent reason.” I figured that pretty much meant that I was holding at bay any fabulous external stimuli for joy, but that was okay—joy is joy is joy and since my goal is unconditional joy, it would be a wonderful reward to experience what I had programmed the day for. So maybe Oprah didn’t call today because I programmed for huge joy without an external stimulus--so be it!

What I got today was exactly what I intended! Sometime around 1:30 this afternoon, I suddenly realized I was buzzing with Big Joy! It was a pretty slow start—I didn’t feel especially joyful when I got up this morning—but not un-joyful either. My “set-point” is fairly high these days, so unless something comes along that I allow to pull me down in frequency, I’m already most of the way to the joy space. I can tell you a few things that contributed to buoying me, but by no means could these things alone have accounted for how I felt. I made notes on joy for awhile (I’m developing several projects around joy) and as I channeled the information, I rose in frequency, naturally (you can’t take dictation from the higher realms without rising in frequency). I felt extreme gratitude--and expressed it to my Spirit--for the insights I was blessed with while making notes. I listened to my favorite joyful music (Earth Wind and Fire—at some point, I will devote at least one whole blog entry to their music and its power to raise you in frequency!), and, perhaps, most importantly, I allowed myself to flow with my Spirit, which is always the ticket to joy, since joy is, after all, the energy signature of being in the frequency realm of your Spirit.

I did one other thing that only enhanced the huge joyful feeling I was experiencing, and that pretty much put me over the top. I used a drop of “Joy” essential oil blend. I must tell you that I used to love, love, love Young Living’s “Joy,” and then about 3 or 4 years ago, they reformulated it and it no longer smelled like my favorite blend. I’ve been hoarding parts of old bottles even since, using only a drop every once in awhile. Today, however, I decided to give the “new” Joy formulation (which I have one bottle of) another try—you know, keep an open mind and see if I could like it for what it is, not dislike it for what it’s not. Soooooo….I did. And it was awesome! Not the old Joy, but I loved it anyway. Sent me into the stratosphere! I was experiencing waves of ecstasy—tears in the eyes, heart leaping up, LIFE-IS-SO-WONDERFUL ecstasy! I think I'll be using the "new" Joy more often!

So can I say that today’s joy was truly unconditional? After all, I did enhance my environment with frequency-raising intention, music, activity, and then fragrance. But those were all things that I chose—my experience of joy wasn’t triggered by external stimuli such as “good news,” or a compliment or a phone call or something. The things that assisted me in rising in frequency were me, supporting my relationship with my Spirit. Pretty neat.

Speaking of the oils and frequency, I’m on a couple of essential oils email lists, and today a nice woman from Houston named Annette posted on one of them about her experience with an energy healing class and the essential oils. She said the instructor was reading colors on her with the applications of various oils which related to the chakras they were enhancing. She said that when she used “Joy” (the aforementioned oil blend), the instructor saw rainbow colors! Check out my aura photo on the Events page (which was just added there today along with the Louisiana “Joyfest” info and the Winston-Salem events). I had used the essential oil blends of En-R-Gee, Clarity, and Joy about 60-90 minutes before that photo was made. Anybody see a rainbow there?! (wink, wink)

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