Roses and Laurie and Dolphinville

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Roses. I have a thing for them. (You may have noticed that there is a rose prominently featured on the cover of Recreating Eden.) Not only are they the most amazing eye candy, their fragrance is almost addictive to me. According to research conducted to measure frequency in essential oils, rose essential oil is far and away the highest frequency ever measured, not just of any plant—but, I believe, of any organic substance. Just smelling it can assist you in aligning with your Spirit and raising your frequency. I confess that, although someone once gifted me with a tiny vial of it, I have never invested in pure rose essential oil—it is exorbitantly expensive--but with valid reason. It takes a ton of rose petals to yield a bit less than a pint of rose essential oil, thus making it quite precious. Young Living’s rose oil is $189 for 5 ml wholesale. I guess I need to sell out the first printing of Recreating Eden before I indulge in that! Meantime, I’ll continue to enjoy the fragrance of the roses in some of the oil blends, and in my garden!

Speaking of which…(all the foregoing was a lead in to this!) Instead of cut roses for Valentine’s Day, I appealed to Rick for a new rose bush that I’ve been wanting for awhile, and considering it was only $11.95 plus shipping and handling, he was quick to agree! It’s “Scepter’d Isle,” a David Austin rose, which is not only gorgeous, it has won the most prestigious award for fragrance. You can see its “official portrait” at the David Austin site. I did not get it through the Austin site, though—I ordered it from my favorite rose nursery, Chamblee’s in Tyler, Texas. They specialize in own-root roses and they have amazing prices and beautiful specimens—fine service, too. I bought 2 Austins from them last year (Abraham Darby and Molineaux) and they were both very large (1 gallon) and already had blooms. And both grew like gangbusters! I’m excited to get my new “child”—I asked for delivery in April. Since I’ll have to wait 2 months, I asked the “rabid rosers” over on Gardenweb’s Rose Gallery to post photos of their own Scepter’d Isles and have gotten some beautiful responses.

Okay—I’m devolving into rose rhapsody. (A hazard for rose lovers!) The other thing I wanted to be sure and mention is that I was surfing the ’net the other day and ran across a letter from a woman by the name of Laurie Moore, talking about whales and dolphins and oneness and duality and unconditional joy, and thought, I need to know more about this person that sounds an awful lot like me! So I went to her website,, looked around, and emailed her to see if she would like to do a link exchange. She answered me this afternoon most graciously and in the affirmative, saying she wants to read Recreating Eden, and extended me an invitation to attend one of her California workshops as her guest. She’s doing lots of cool things—the most exciting of which to me is leading a couple of dolphin workshops in Hawaii this summer—boy, would I love to attend one of those! Rick and I swam with dolphins in Florida on my 46th birthday and it was really a wondrous experience. I look forward to getting to know Laurie better. I read several testimonials about her saying she is “joyous” and lots of fun! Sounds like one of our team mates to me! Oh—and on her site, I found links to a most magical-sounding retreat center called “Three Trees,” and also a link to “Dolphinville,” (in Hawaii) which is definitely now on my “must visit” list. Wait till you read what it says when you click on their “What is Dolphinville” link. Talk about recreating Eden—they’re clearly working off the same "script!" And how much fun it must be to do that among the cetaceans in Hawaii!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Let’s fill it with TRUE Love.

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Janet said:

I am now 1/2 way through your Book. I could not wait until I was completely done to reply as I said I would.In 1975 I had a still born girl of 8 pounds.I was only 24 and had no education on child birth ,Lamaze etc.. Due to the fact that my liver was not at full function I could not have any pain medications. The labor and delivery was eight hours _____! A woman had a baby about 10 minutes from my delivery and the doctor had to leave me for her and get a nurse to stitch me up.Before I was stitched up completely the womans baby cried. Her baby was alive. When I heard that baby's cry I went into Eden. Like you have described ,I had complete ecstasy.When the Mother of the baby that survived and I were in the recovery room I can remember the questions from her on disbelief because she could feel my love and it freaked her out and she could not face me because she felt so sad that her baby lived and my had not.I lost Eden ecstasy around the time ; when the midwife told me that if I had quit smoking the baby would not of died. Then the sweet church ladies in town who were the only ones who put flowers; besides my Mother, on my babys grave( and did not know me prior) said that if I had this baby in a christian marriage she would of been born alive. Now even at that time I knew that they meant well but I did not get caught up into their lower energys but I did lose the higher energys of where I had been. I never told anyone about finding Eden. I knew that one one would understand. WOW! Thanks my good friend.
On another note my husband and I got to swim with a dolplin last October in the British Virgin Islands.We even have the swim on VSH tape.We were in a group of 20 or so. One of the swimmers was a man 91.After the swim and some encounters the trainer had the dolphin swim goodbye. When he got to me and the old man indivually he jumped out of the water and started talking before swimming on. My husband and I later got in a little argument because he said that is what he saw. I said "" Oh it was the trainer making him do that."" OK, I am worrying about my ego. Or is it that my ego is worring about losing me?
I will write again when I finish ""Recreating Eden."" Love , Janet

Julia said:

What a beautiful story! You just might need to write a book yourself...(big grin) Eden is an amazing place--so much Love!!! And that you experienced it at such a time of what human beings call ""loss."" Wow.
I love your comment about worrying about your ego! ""Or is it that my ego is worrying about losing me?""
Perfect! It doesn't matter if the trainer did or didn't instruct the dolphin--did you have an experience of communion with the dolphin? It was divinely inspired.
What I believe is that we need to remember WHO WE ARE (talk about your self-esteem booster!) and once we do--and can manage to stay in that awareness, the ego will have no way to trump that and will not even try! Or in your case, no need to try and humble you. In other words, sounds to me like you don't need to develop a healthier ego, you just need to get your ego on board with the Truth!
Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. Looking forward to hearing from you upon completion of the book--or before!
Much Love,

Julia said: thrills me to find someone else who knows directly, first-hand what I'm talking about--not just about being in the ecstasy of Eden, but in the swift ""exile"" from Eden that you experience when you allow yourself to feel shame over something!
I love that we share that. And I love sharing the trip back with you and all our as-yet-""unaccounted for"" team mates!!

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