Valentine's Day

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This morning when I very first woke up, my Prime Thought was HUGE LOVE. And I felt huge Love. I wasn't awake enough at that point to remember it was Valentine's Day. I think what I was tuning into, aside from the HUGE LOVE that is Who We Are, was all the energy of all the people making a point today to say "I love you" to someone. Nice! And though I had a kind of odd, out-of-sync day in many ways, I did feel hugely loved. I hope you did.

Guess what! Our mid-May “Joyfest” in St. Francisville morphed again! No, we didn't change the weekend (whew!). But we’re looking at making the Sunday (May 15) workshop into both Saturday and Sunday, and moving the personal energy attunements to Monday. I was meditating on the workshop Saturday when it hit me—it needs to be more than one long day—it needs to be two modest-length days so that there's more time to process and more time to relax and enjoy what we're doing. So we’re seeing what we can do about that. Hemingbough won’t be available on Saturday—just Sunday—so the Saturday part will need to be someplace else. And Ellen’s on the job, figuring that out. Besides a chance to do some powerful "work" together, it feels like it's going to be a family reunion--of a family who hasn't seen each other in waaaaaay too long! I hope you're planning to be with us...

Ellen got a book for each of her employees so that they could be ready to play their roles in the event. That’s pretty cool! Wouldn’t you love to work for someone like that? She has mentioned that there is a lot of excitement brewing for our weekend around there. Excitement? I’m biting my tongue to keep from saying, “Is it May yet?” again!

Remember me talking about that book I’ve been reading while riding the exercise bike? The Lineage of the Codes of Light? I’m still plodding along with it—with few exceptions, reading it only for 15 or 20 minutes at a stretch. At first, I only read it while exercising, because I was able to integrate the energies of it most efficiently that way. Now, I’m only reading it when I exercise because I’m almost to the end and I want to stretch it out and make it last! I love how I feel when I read it. It’s so easy to feel connected to all the women who have carried the Truth within them—so many of them having to keep it hidden due to the masculine energy-dominated world. It traces key, powerful women throughout time who have carried the Light codes for humanity, and shows what their lives were like by having each of them tell their story to the next woman in the lineage that they’re opening the codes within as a passing of the torch. My consolation for when I’ve finished it is that her next book is titled The Brotherhood of the Magi and, from what I understand, parallels the Lineage of the Codes of Light historically, but focuses on the brotherhood that guarded the women who carry the codes.

My sister, Ann, sent me an awesome image today of the “Rose Nebula.” It looks like a bloom from Scepter’d Isle (my Valentine rosebush I talked about last night)! After the last blog entry with all that rose talk, I was itching to link to it in tonight’s, but the version she sent that was colored like my new rose baby is from Astronomy Picture of the Day website and they change the photo daily (duh) but from what she said, don’t get the “old” photos archived right away. So all that to say that once they get it archived, I’ll find it and link to it here so you can marvel at it, too!

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Billie Haffey said:

I have had the pleasure (more like delight!!) of dealing with our friend, Ellen Kennon for the past couple of years and all I can say is that while people refer to me as a whirlwind, I look like I am in a coma compared to Ellen!! I was reading her newsletter and she mentioned your book and I stopped right there, switched over to an online book seller and ordered it, then went back and finished her newsletter. She has been a wealth of information/inspiration and I've learned to just go with it. I am so glad that I did! Thank you for such a simple and concise explanation of, well...everything! I'm re-reading it now, just to be sure I didn't miss anything.
I hope to have the St. Francisville trip work out for me so that I can attend. I have recently opened a little coffee house/home furnishings/antiques/book store which keeps me pretty tied down but I am saving the date. I will also look in to selling your book in my shop. I've promised to loan mine to about a hundred friends when I am done... but don't want to part with it, really.
When I finished the book, around 11 pm night before last.. I flipped back to the ""decree"" and read it again. It's so sweet. Just as I finished, my friendly neighborhood mocking bird gave a short trill just outside my window and I knew I'd connected.

Julia said:

I so hope you can work it out to come to our Joy weekend! It's going to be a really special time and will be even more so if you are there. I know from Ellen that YOU are a delight.
I am thrilled that you love Recreating Eden. I must say, in all humility, I love it, too. I re-read it myself for the energy (which came from beyond me!). All I did was to put little envelopes around the energy with my words so that it could be delivered to others via the book. So I love to feel the energy by reading it again from time to time. Believe it or not, even *I* get something new each time I read it!
I asked Ellen to send you my email address so that when you are ready to talk about selling the book in your store, I can tell you about the various options for that.
Thank you so much for writing, Billie--it means more than you know when someone lets me know that they've connected with the message! And how cool that your mockingbird friend chimed in for you! Love it.

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