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The following was written last night but I couldn’t post it because Earthlink was down…

When taking a shower tonight (being in water always seems to increase my attunement), I received an analogy that describes what was going on in the events of Saturday as described in my last blog entry. Chinese handcuffs. You know, your fingers are stuck in either end of a diabolical, deceptively flimsy-looking little basket-woven tube, and when you try to pull your fingers out, the tube gets tighter and your fingers are stuck. Well that’s what going head to head with your ego is like. Like those Chinese handcuffs, the more we try to get loose, the more trapped we get. If I remember correctly from my own experience with Chinese handcuffs (I got them in my Christmas stocking once upon a time), the trick is to relax completely, return your fingers to their original position, and slip out of them with ease—ease being the keyword.

We’re so habituated to trying, to efforting. We have that drilled into us from Day 1 in our Earth indoctrination. It is one of the larger traps that keeps us stuck. WORK HARD. Struggle. And if you struggle hard enough, you can force things to line up for you. The Puritan work ethic that our country holds in such high esteem doesn’t seem supportive of joy. I’m not sure—never met a Puritan—but I don’t believe they were renowned for their joyful existence. That approach to life—that work, work, work, HARD at something (whether it fits who you are or not) for a reward—will not take you closer to a life of joy. If it did, ditch diggers would be the most joyful people on the planet. While there is some satisfaction to be found in any accomplishment that may come out of hard work, there are certainly more efficient, more effective ways of getting there!

Ease is the companion to joy. Ease is what delivers us where we long to go. You know I’m not talking about ease at the expense of someone else, or false ease, which is when you disengage from the flow. I’m talking about making an intention and allowing the Divine Design to flow it to you—or flow you to it!

In the same vein, tonight when I finally let Rick read a draft of the joy article, he had a nice analogy to offer to it. In adding to my words about how the Divine Design for Wholeness and Harmony is always activated and ready for you to resume your place in it; and your Spirit is always ready to draw you back into union with It, he suggested a comparison with a helium balloon. Helium balloons are always going to rise if you release your grip on their string because helium is lighter than air, and it is the nature of helium to rise if you allow it to. Likewise, when we choose to release our ego grip on our lives so that we can be drawn upward by spirit, we are certain to rise. We rise back up to our place in the Design. With pure ease.

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Billie Haffey said:

Dear Julia,
Where does the time fly to when it flies? I just wanted to get back to you with my email address so that you could send info regarding your book distribution, which I blogged you about on around the 14th of Feb!!! Holy Cow!! Please, sweetie, let me know who to contact to get and sell your book. Wish I were rich enough to just buy zillions and give them away!
Oh darlin, I cried when you emailed me back. God love your sweet heart!I hope to meet you and Ellen (face to face) in the near future. Meanwhile, know that I appreciate and love you in those other realms that I am such a novice, flundering around in!!! Blessings and hugs and email anytime! With big hugs, Billie Haffey
Thanks, angel!

Julia said:

...on the way to you!

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