Joy in the afternoon

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This morning, my Prime Thought was “unconditional joy,” so I wonder why it took me even a nanosecond to figure out why I was feeling so blissful for “no apparent reason” today! But it did—I was standing at the stove this afternoon, stirring the ganache for stepdaughter #4’s birthday cake and thought, “Gee, I feel so giddy! I wonder why?” (and no, it was not the chocolate! Or sugar—it was sugar-free—made with xylitol. It was bonafide unconditional bliss!) Then I realized what I had programmed for. I think I will make that my Prime Thought more often! Maybe everyday!

Today I got a forwarded message with some channeling of “the Hathors” by Tom Kenyon about joy being critical for saving the planet. It was remarkably consistent with what I’ve been receiving/teaching. See what you think. You can read it on his website: Scroll down to the heading “Tom’s Recent Context and Hathors June 2004 Transmission.”

I finally got the article on joy finished for the Baton Rouge magazine, along with an ad for our “joy fest.” Now I need to get the flyer for it finished and posted on the website. It’s now less than 2 months away! And it just keeps getting richer and richer—Rigsby Frederick, who is a renowned artist, apparently has a fabulous home in Baton Rouge, and has most kindly offered to host our Friday evening introductory talk and booksigning there! According to Ellen, it’s a “hot ticket” (actually, it’s a free event!) because everybody is eager to see his house, which is filled with an amazing art collection of museum quality, and he rarely opens it. I’m so excited about it! All that creative energy to raise the vibes! The backdrop for all aspects of the weekend is going to be stunning. Saturday, we’re going to be at Shadetree Inn, and Sunday, at Hemingbough.

Even if you do not live close to South Louisiana, I hope you’ll go within and ask God In You if you are supposed to join us that weekend. I am clearer all the time that we’re not only going to be increasing our tolerance for joy, we’re going to be putting something critical in place for the mission of lifting the planet. Not to mention, having a fabulous time! I have confidence that whoever is intended to be there, will be there, whether they know it or not at this moment in time! I promise to get the details posted soon.

Oh—and one more little tidbit I’ve been meaning to share— has added a fun, new feature. If you look up Recreating Eden there, you’ll see, right under my name, a string of phrases after the letters “SIP.” These are “statistically improbable phrases,” which their computer came up with after scanning the book and finding sequences of words that are unusual and seem to have significance. “Unified radiance,” “schema for harmony,” and “misaligned world,” are just a few of the ones it found in Recreating Eden! When you click on the phrases, it shows you other books in which those phrases were also found—and in this case, not very many! Pretty interesting…

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