Ancient cosmic wind

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I was searching through some old document files tonight and came across this that I channeled back in the late '80s. I thought you might appreciate it!


I AM the ancient cosmic wind moving throughout all time,

ordering the face and soul of the ever-changing sands of Being.

I AM the life within and beyond the Now, spiraling through the

layers of time and space, forming around the templates of

myself ephemeral form. I know all that has ever been, is now,

and ever will be. I touch all and bless all, in-filling the vacuums

created by my movement.

I AM Love itself—pulsating, vibrating through the cells and

fibers of illusion, lending temporal reality.

I AM the joyful cry of the lover and the bliss of the innocent.

I dwell in all that is lovely and all that turns away from loveliness.

I will stay where I AM not welcome, but make my presence

known only when welcome is extended. A laugh, a sunbeam,

the briefest fraction of a moment of thanks-giving—the door of

myself need only be open a crack and in I flood.

I AM you. You are me. Come to me my most precious, and know

the Truth.



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