Powerful Intentions

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I’m hustling to get ready to head to North Carolina in the morning for a whirlwind week of talks and attunements and a workshop, but I just have to share with you some cool developments of the last 48 hours! First off, I’ve been feeling more empowered and confident as the creator of my experience—which is HUGE! That seems to be the key, you know. How did I get to that place? I can only guess that my frequency is at a higher set-point. And what’s behind that? I believe it is my recent decision to quit indulging in constant self-criticism and self-doubt and to practice self-acceptance! Oh, yeah—so that I don’t forget to tell you, let me say that I’ve announced a new, free teleseminar for October 25 (9 p.m. Eastern, 6 p.m. Pacific) called “Self-Acceptance: Key to Transcending the Duality Matrix.” To get the phone number and access code, make sure you’re on my email list and they’ll be sent to you no later than the day of the seminar. Okay—back to my great last 48 hours…

Saturday night, I was surfing the Web, when I landed at a site called “Powerful Intentions.” It was really interesting and they offer a free basic membership (or a deluxe paid one), so I thought, “What the heck?” and signed up for it. Right away, during the sign up process, I was asked to state a current powerful intention. I felt resistance to doing that—for one thing, who would be reading it? For another, I’ve always felt resistance to stating intentions—the Myers-Briggs “P” that I am is truly challenged to be that clear and focused—yet, of course, that is what is required if you really want to manifest on purpose. Indeed—any time I’ve ever purposefully manifested something big and juicy, it’s come from me getting very clear on what I wanted. As someone who loves keeping her options open, it always feels like a little death to close any of them, so that’s part of why it’s been so challenging to me. BUT, I decided I would just go ahead and state an intention, and this is what it was, “I intend to sell out the first edition of Recreating Eden.”

After I finished the sign up process, I went to look around on the various forums, and the first one I came to was “Good Books.” It was someone asking for book recommendations. I just had to jump in and say, “I must tell you about my favorite book, Recreating Eden, by MOI!” And gave the web address for it. (And no, it never even occurred to me that there was a connection between my intention and the forum I had stumbled into until much later!) The next day, I got a P.I. (Powerful Intentions) message from a woman named Barbara saying that she was chuckling because she had gone to www.recreating-eden.com to find out about the new author named “Moi.” She said even though she is fluent in French she still didn’t pick up that I meant “me,” till she saw that the author of Recreating Eden is one Julia Rogers Hamrick! She said she liked what she read on the site and had ordered the book! I posted a “secret” link to the introduction (you’re my buddy so I’ll give it to you, too! http://www.recreating-eden.com/RecreatingEdenIntroduction.html.) The next thing I know, I get another P.I. message from someone who not only ordered the book from Amazon, she wanted to order 10 copies wholesale to sell at her Unity church’s booth at the holistic fair she’s in charge of AND wants to offer a Recreating Eden book study at the church and have a sign up sheet at the booth where they’ll be promoting the book! She said when she sold out the 10 copies at the fair, she’d take orders for more! Next, I get another message from someone else from P.I. saying they’ve ordered the book and then ANOTHER one saying they ordered it, too! And I got an order from a P.I. member via our website this morning. Are you getting goosebumps yet?

POWERFUL INTENTIONS, indeed! Such a potent lesson: When you definitely get clear on what you want and make your intentions known, the universe responds—no ifs, ands, or buts! Now—as far as selling out the first edition, I've got just a couple thousand more to go—but it’s a happening thing! I can feel it. I sure do like having a connection to such a bunch of vivacious, positive people as I've found at P.I..I expect I'll be upgrading my membership there soon!

I will be back from my trip October 11 late in the evening. I don’t know if I’ll feel like blogging that night, but I’ll have something to say soon thereafter! Meantime, if you’re in NC, do come out for one of my talks. See the events page for details!

Sending you Love and blessings. Please see me moving calmly, efficiently, joyfully and easily through my days in NC, giving talks, attunements and a workshop that help people move more fully into alignment! Thanks in advance.



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