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I undecorated the Christmas tree today. Sniff, sniff. That’s always a lot less exciting than decorating it, but necessary. I had a cool realization as I was putting things in their boxes and organizing all of the stuff I removed. First, however, I’ll have to introduce you to another of my inner children. His name is LC, and he is my inner masculine child.

I’ve talked about Sweet Julie, who is most definitely a primarily feminine entity. I have done most of my inner child exploration with her. But after I had been communicating with her for a couple of years, I had a somewhat startling experience, which I will relay to the best of my recollection. This was back in the early-to-mid 1990s…

I was doing a non-dominant hand writing to communicate with S.J., when suddenly, I was told to go get some paper that did NOT belong to S.J. (I had been using her special writing kit), and to get a book to use to support the paper—to bear down on. I understood that there was one particular book I was being steered toward, and I was drawn to the book shelf where the kids’ books were. I grabbed a 9x12” hardcover book about Charlie Brown, the Peanuts’ character—I knew that this was the book I was supposed to use to support the paper, but didn’t yet know why.

As I started writing with my non-dominant hand, I was aware that I was channeling a different facet of me than Sweet Julie. This was a little boy. He told me he was my inner masculine child and that the reason he directed me to the book about Charlie Brown, which was, if I recall, titled “Good Grief, Charlie Brown” was because it fit his story to a “T.” My inner boy pointed out to me that if I wanted to know about him, all I needed to do was to read the book. Like Charlie Brown, he was disrespected and disempowered, and had a domineering female (SJ) running his program.

He pointed out to me that Sweet Julie’s agenda always came before his. She always wanted to play and just follow a stream of consciousness, and I almost always let her have her way, often to our detriment when important life tasks fell by the wayside because of my indulgence of SJ’s desire to do whatever she pleased instead of using a more disciplined approach. He let me know that his job was to take care of business, but he was feeling very disrespected and disempowered by both SJ and me. (And yes, I know I’m sounding like I have Multiple Personality Disorder here, but I really don’t!) As I read through the Charlie Brown book, I was amazed to see that he was a perfect metaphor for LC. Not only was Charlie Brown being dominated by Lucy and everyone else, he was disrespected by all, including his own dog!

LC very rapidly dictated a list of ways that I could empower him. It was stunning and clear and so very helpful! I was able to get SJ to start cooperating with him. You see, unless your inner feminine and inner masculine are working together, you’ll have inspiration (inner feminine) but no action. Or, action (inner masculine) without inspiration. Without going into more right now, suffice to say that I was in dire need of a détente between SJ and LC! And making the story shorter, let’s just say that working toward that end made a huge difference in my life. Now when I am inspired, I usually act on it, whereas before, I frequently did not due to the power struggle within. Oh, there’s SO much material here. Maybe a book someday…

Anyway, as I was packing away Christmas ornaments in a very organized fashion (something that had never come very easily to me until I integrated my right and left brain--inner feminine with inner masculine, SJ with LC), I realized that a part of me was actually loving doing it. It then dawned on me that decorating the tree is Sweet Julie’s delight, and un-decorating and organizing everything to store away was LC’s delight. (The inner masculine loves structure, order, and just getting the job done!) I was so happy to think that I was giving my inner boy something to do that pleased him—so happy to know that he is alive and well! AND, I decided it was time for LC to make his blog debut! What a cool little boyI mean, young manhe is.

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